NANS Zone D Congratulates Comr. ID Aluta On His Emergence As MHA, Oye Constituency

Press Statement, March 21st, 2023.

NANS Zone D Congratulates the former NANS National P. R. O, Comrade Odebunmi Idowu (ID Aluta) on his emergence as MHA, Oye State Constituency.

The leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students South West (NANS Zone D) ably and aptly coordinated by Comrade Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe rejoices with the former Public Relation Officer of NANS National as he toes a new height of development in his political endeavors.

The Coordinator in his statement saluted the courage of Com. ID Aluta. The courage has led you to clinging the post of Member, House of Assembly. He said; Comrade ID Aluta has been a distinguished active figurehead in the National Association of Nigerian Students and that personality of his is rare in the field of struggle nowadays. Seeing him attaining the post of parliamentary body of Ekiti State is a great joy for us and also a hope brewer, restorer and upholder that youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

He continued; we enjoin the leadership of NANS, masses and youths to emulate Comrade Odebunmi Idowu, as he has succinctly showed the public, the power of being a student warrior. We also implore him to put forth his promises during his campaigns and be accessible to the Nigerian Students and the masses that voted him in. As a NANS cadre, we believe his foresight will surely differentiate him from the old cargoes that neither study politics nor practise it in the largest world of beautiful intellectual individuals (Students’ Unions and Associations).

In addition, Comrade Tegbe charged the Nigerian Students to propel themselves from limitations in politics because we were meant to explore the unexplored and to attain the unattainable. He encouraged the Nigerian Students to play diplomacy role in politics and showed the masses their strength to be victorious always.

Lastly, the Coordinator NANS Zone D, Comrade Stephen Fiyinfoluwa Tegbe prayed to Baba Aluta to be with Comrade ID Aluta in his political assays. He prayed to God to guide him through in the office of service.

TEGBE Stephen F

ESIEGBE Emmanuel O

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