BREAKING: NANS Rejects Efforts By The National Assembly To Criminalise Protest And Civil Disobedience


NANS reject any attempt in constitutionalising the criminality of protest and civil disobedience. This is a direct assult on the very tenant of democracy and the most fundamental freedom of citizens.

The bill sponsored by Honourable Chinedu Martins of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Imo State, is not only ridiculous but unnecessary at a time elected representatives should concentrate on how to further enshrine and extend the frontier of democracy and freedom to dissent.

This evil bill, is a direct attempt to return our nation back to dictatorship where the citizens lack the right to protest and dissent. This bill will not and must not passed.

We will mobilize all our resources to see that this irrational bill die a natural death as no dictator or dictator wanna-be will be allowed to steal the gains of democracy and return us back to the dark days of dictatorship using democratic process.

Protests and dissent in any developing democracy is a right of citizens and law makers should rather concentrate on sponsoring bills that will mandate security personnel to provide security to protesters to ensure protests are not hijacked by hoodlums.

Now that this bill is on the table, we will use the only instrument of dissent that our leaders and representatives understand which is PROTEST to frustrate its passage.

It is in the best interest of the sponsor of this bill to withdraw it or he should get ready to face the masses. The bill is not only useless, it is worth less than the paper the bill is written on.

Asefon Sunday
NANS Revolutionary President.

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