NANS National President Enjoins Muslims, Send Important Ramadan Message

The Revolutionary President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Comr. Asefon Sunday Dayo has expressed his profound gratitude to Almighty Allah for keeping all Nigerian students till this Ramadan moment. In his speech sent to Gistsmate correspondent, he describes Ramadan as a special month, filled with mercy, grace and blessing, and one of Islam cardinal pillars.

Comr. Asefon also charges Muslim faithfuls to use this month to pray for Nigeria leaders and citizens, and to also pray for God divine protection on all students in different campuses.

His full text reads:


“For Almighty Allah have counted us among the lucky souls to witness this year Ramadan, I congratulate all Nigerian Muslim students home and in diapora for the privilege of being among the living to observe this year holy month of Ramadan.

“As it remains one of the cardinal pillar of Islam, a month with speciality and aboundance grace, mercy and blessing. I enjoin all Muslim faithfuls to use the opportunity of the Holy month to pray for our dear nation, her leaders and the Entire citizen to overcome all the challenges most critically the safety around our campuses, lives and properties of citizens.

“Wishing you all a happy holy month.

Ramadan Mubarak

Comr Asefon Sunday
NANS Revolutionary President.”

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    Enough of messages
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