NANS Meets Richlife Company, Set To Kick Start Students Against Hunger Online Contest

National Association Of Nigeria, Lagos State Axis on Wednesday 4th of March, 2020 met with Richlife Organization on their project tagged #ProjectFeedTheHungry. The meeting was attended by Lagos State NANS Executives leads by Comrade Ogunsanya Rasheed, Richlife’s General Manager, Operational Manager, Media Manager and distinguishes from the company.

This #ProjectSaveTheHungry is a vision staged to fight and conquer hunger in the nation especially amongst Students.
The company further stated their understanding on how it’s very ridiculous for one to learn with an under-fed stomach and coupled with the economic situation of the country how almost very excruciating it’s for students to have proper meals.

When one of Gistsmate correspondent chatted the Financial Secretary of NANS Lagos, Comrade Adegboye Adeboye ‘Paparazii’ on the outcome of the meeting, he said:

“They took time to explain the concept and the plans set In place to achieve this very goal of theirs and they as well Duly noted how cogent it’s for them to work with the student leaders to achieve this goal and they really bargain and request for our optimum contribution towards the achievement of this program and after which we were being properly sensitized about the vision, mission and mode of operations of the project. e were all overwhelmed and vehemently convinced to give in our unreserved support.


“Coupled with this, we promised to work with them to achieve this goal and made it known to them that as far NANS Lagos is concerned, we are ready to go to the farthest miles for the welfare of our respective students and anything In line with our quest would be duly and legally accepted and supported.

“To make mention of also, after moment of constructive discussion and critical dialogue with perfect scrutiny for any form of lapse(s) or addition and subtraction to the very goal, we requested that they give us time to meet with our respective Senators and Schools so make this goal a very collective and contributive task.

“Conclusively, Comrade Adeboye added that “As many of us that is willing to to participate in the project but wondering what kind of project we are talking about, in essence of this, some sensitizing materials would be shared to us (And as soon as we get them from the company), we would give them to our students so as equip us with enough knowledge about the project”

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