NANS Can Be Great Again – Comr. Succulent, Zone D PRO Hopeful


Dear Leaders, Stakeholders, Comrades, and Students. I am Oladokun Oyekunle Babatunde politically baptized as ‘Succulent’

I have always have the decision that NANS in general can be great again which that is one of the motif behind me vying for the office of the PRO in Nans zone D.

I have always been of the opinion that “_evil will continue to thrive when good people fail to act”_
It’s of a common saying that, Charity begins at home.

I have always been an active personnel all through, since the start of my journey in Secondary school which I am still in the continuation of the journey here in the higher institution. I have been actively involved in many students struggle as a result of my doggedness in the area(Aluta).

My course as a Public Administrator will help me in a long way when it comes to public affair and how to relate with the entire students in the South west zone and even at Nigeria at large.
I have been tutored the necessities of making this journey a successful one if voted into power.

I am a being who have a special ability in controlling any situation I find myself in.
Why did I say this?
I said this because this is one of a prerequisite of been a good leader. The ability to be able to manage situations as a PRO is a very essential skill.

I have a good skill
In no situation I find myself, I don’t have any problem blending and interacting with whoever that comes my way. I am of the mentality that no one can’t be communicated to.

Alas, all my way of interaction is dynamic in such a way that I can blend and bend to any tune with me giving reasons why it should be so.

I am vying for the post of Public Relations Officer Nans Zone D South west.

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