1. Very Distinguished Senators of NANS, Leaders, Stakeholders, Friends,

2. Over the past few months, I have been in the trenches, sleeves rolled up, cuffs drawn, and having the privilege of God, friends, families and well-wishers I have pushed on with the NANS ZONE D COLLECTIVISM Agenda. Where my strength fails me, I have always found rest and uplifting from you all. My appreciation of this is greater than words can capture.

3. It is truly inspiring that amidst difficulties and growing anxiety over the future of our NANS, Nigerian Students have refused to succumb to despair and hopelessness. This never-say-die attitude gives me immense hope and this is the reason why our collective resolve on this salvage mission in liberating the association from her woes and foes and also place NANS Zone D leadership on the right pedestral. This truth as however so appealing to me has nonetheless boostered my courage and convictions in my engagement across through the entire expanse of the institutions and, a truly colourful member of practical and independent thinking people.

4. Within the borderlands of NANS ZONE D, the glaring mismatch between our potentials and our achievements has become for many a frustrating puzzle; for others it is a topic for debate; and yet for another group, it is doomsday lamentation. But with the strength of conviction and positivity which enamels our sense of patriotism towards NANS and Nigerian Students, I consider it a golden opportunity and a bittersweet chance to manifest our effrontery, activate our innovative instinct, showcase our character and turn our dreams and that of our progenitors into reality.

5. It is thus with staying the course of a vision and a service driven life that I, after due consultation with Students Union President, Stakeholders, Leaders, Friends and other’s Student groups, hereby offer my self and my services as NANS Southwest (Zone D) Coordinator. I declare this intention solemnly with an acute awareness of the onerous challenges that lay ahead powered by our dogged commitment to survive and weather the storms as they may come in acknowledgement that no true path towards growth and development is without an admixture of thorns and roses.

6. Born and wrapped with the shawls of struggle and despair and aware of the crushing realities of my station darting at my sight, I ploughed through childhood with my dreams and aspirations for comfort, defied the stratification of class to join my voices with the few straining against injustice and inequality in the realms of Students Unionism. I have never since looked back nor compromised on the ideals and principles that have shaped my interaction with my immediate and remote world. And I am happy about it.

7. Fellow compatriots, the task before us is daunting but with manifold possibilities. We are at the threshold, of immense opportunity – one as slippery as the sum of dreams, hopes and aspirations that have gone down the steep decline of neglect and disbelief. So no more. The time has never been more right for us to rise to the responsibility of leadership, taking off the cloak of passive NANS participation, with mind and effort in the creative process of redefining the leadership process for a better future with hope and

8. Distinguished Leaders and Stakeholders, we have spoken and written at length on this issues. In our different institutions, senate sittings and the privacy of our thoughts,we haveve each decried the state of things, interrogated our choices and prayed to God in complete resignation and near hopelessness. There is a feeling of having been left desolate and forlorn. We all sense this, and must wonder if we could ever be rid of it. And before God I say to you, WE CAN.

9. There is a sad conditioning our NANS have become accustomed to and which greatly benefits those who ordinary should be uncomfortable with the games they play with the future of our students. There are hushed whispers about that the status quo cannot be successfully challenged. That we have no choices and must simply accept our fate. I tell you this is defeatist and a false narrative pushed deliberately by those who have sold out our NANS and who wish to continue to hold a whip over our heads.

10. If we believe that lie and live by it, we perish and even worse, posterity would leave no laurels on our names for we would become the generation of those who failed to conquer where they could have. Our NANS transcends a group of men, political friends who are bound together to dictate to it.

11. In a customary moment of retrospection, I said to myself – There is a bounty of talents and skills amongst us, amongst all of you. I am greatly convinced that from amongst your very numbers can be found the real Student with the inherent capacity to be better leaders than we’ve had so far. So I wonder greatly why we’ve truly not seized the moment to re-order the fiscal priorities and fortune of our NANS? There is no greater life than a life spent on service and a life built on filling voids. I say this with all seriousness.

12. For if the truth must be told to the candid world, let’s make no mistake of the sordid situation in which we find ourselves. Our greatest opposition comes from within. There are within us those perennially wired by society to be cynics, to have doubts and cast these unsubstantiated doubts about. Myriads of groups and platforms in different nomenclatures have bracingly and clandestinely constituted themselves into principalities of ready foot soldiers to serve the ignoble interest of serially recycled of the olds within the polity of NANS Zone D keen on stemming the rise of a student-drive movement and awakening to challenge the lethargy of the political status quo.

13. Only through the mischief of these corktale of groups aforementioned can the agenda be set to cripple from the traditional role of mute onlookers with no say whatsoever in the policy making process and governance of NANS. A house divided amongst itself can truly not stand.

14. This is why we must rally together, hoistering our banners high for our strength is as much in our resolve as in the strength of our unity. We will be tried by the tempest of institutionalised prejudice, disbelief and injustice that has become a constant feature of the NANS leadership system but must forge on relentless, most importantly together. It is time to channel exuberance into more creative ventures, vigour into production and clear minded thinking, into injecting new ideas and ideals into the NANS Zone D leadership space.

15. There may be those moments when we are tempted to let go of our resolve but only then, at such times can we measure our mettle for the even more demanding role of leadership ahead. I want to be part of a new rejuvenated NANS, where service and merit is the watchword of our engagement.

16. I want to do my part in REBUILDING a movement too long fettered by fears, suspicion of each other and full of faction. A new NANS Zone D where hardwork and dedication is rewarded, where the Students constitute the greatest investment. NANS Zone D can be great again. With
your support and prayers, we will turn this NANS Zone D for good. We will create a NANS Zone D that will truly be the pride of the Students Movement. Together we can change the course of this nation’s ship from imminent wreck and rebuild it on the tenets of Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

17. I write to you as one brother to another, as a friend and comrade in the common struggle for total emancipation of NANS Zone D. I have nothing to hide, but all to prove if you would honour me with your time, belief and support. I cannot hope to see my candidacy to a success at the polls without the blessings and consensus of all of you. I do not ask you to waive your interrogation of my person and competence but to let go of disbelief and apathy as we together add details to, and finesse the new map to a new NANS Zone D that I have drawn up.

18. I make this conscientious appeal knowing of the potential you all posses and which you all represent. I can go no further than I am lifted and placed by your collective efforts and support. I give my word as a bond to honour your faith in me, and bring about a new NANS Zone D to be renowned not just for the most ideological Zone in NANS but it’s envious and rapid growth and development.

19. Let all men know, friends and foes, that we stand together and we are ready to pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend and oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of our struggle for liberty and progress.

20. May God richly bless our individual’s endeavours and meet the prayers of our hearts and mouth. May our shared dreams and hope for this great NANS Zone D overcome all odds and become a reality.

21. I truly look forward to meet with and engage all of you one on one again. Such times present me with the opportunity to say my thanks in person and receive the assurances of your support and blessings.

Thank you and God bless.

Kayode Ejidiran Alutakay
Aspirant NANS Zone D Coordinator.

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