My Marriage Crashed After I Mistakenly Confessed Cheating To My Husband- Actress

Actress and singer-song writer, Grey Delisle, has revealed how her first marriage ended.

The woman, who first got married at the age of 19, has revealed how she was playing scrabble with her husband when he asked if she had cheated ever cheated him.

She said immediately, she started to cry and confessed to cheating on him.

She said it was already late when she realised he was actually asking if she cheated at the game they were playing.

She wrote: ” I got married at 19, and things ended, when we were playing Scrabble. He asked me if I was cheating and I immediately broke down crying and tearfully confessed everything….. because I didn’t realize he was talking about the game.”


The woman, who now has three children, starred as a voice Actress in different cartoons like: Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents, Duchess and Goo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Lola, Lana and Lily from The Loud House.


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