Your Excellency Sir,

The Grace of God upon your life is more than enough to fight your battles and defeat thy enemies both within the party and outside the party (Oppositions) likes of purveyors of fake news, wailers, Vilified souls and charlatans across the state and beyond.

I am oncloud nine to know and distinctively convinced that you are a listening Governor. It is therefore unsurprisingly amazing that every well meaningful individuals are eager and desperate to associate with your good administrative style of Leadership and Divine acumen which had begot unblemish character and Good Governance countenance.

It’s no longer news that your tremendous and gigantic achievement so far towards accelerated development plan for the state is spreading like a wildfire and as well become a template for other state governor’s to taking a leaf out of your distinguished laudable books.

However, I will admonished you Sir to give room for constructive criticism irrespective of who the individual is. I remember you have once said this that, (1) This administration will run an open door policy and (2) This administration will run an all inclusive government. These two Giants statement are key and should be considered as tools to effective Good Governance.

Meanwhile, just like a tree will not make a forest, so as your Excellency Sir, Gov. Seyi Makinde can’t do it alone hence the appointment of different public Office Holders such as HCs, EAs, SAs, SSAs, Board Chairmen and a host of others.

The four pillars (SECURITY, EDUCATION,AGRIC BUSINESS AND HEALTH SECTOR WITH INFRASTRUCTURES INCLUSIVE) guiding this administration can only be successfully achieved if above mentioned appointees are on the same page with you Sir in Truth and in Spirit without any compromise or hanky-panky game behind.

Aside this, the masses are with you Sir and they appreciate your Good Governance approach mapped for the growth and development of this great state under your watch within the 4years calendar. Shockingly, in less than two years of this administration, great works and achievement has been done upon which both able bodied individual and the blinds/mediocre/charlatans can see via your handwriting across the state.

From one of your speeches, I quoted says: “Criticisms and commendations are like twins. For any meaningful progress to be made, both must exist side by side.”

An adage says, KOKORO NI KOJE KA GBADUN OBI DENU ( I apologise for my proverbs Sir as your GSMIST). Sir, if it will require you to reshuffle the cabinet so as to achieve your written goals for the progress of the state, please do not hesitate to take the difficult task and stepping on toes may also require in some areas as declared in the early months of your swearing e.g, on street trading, arms beggers,almonjiri across major roads in ibadan Oyo State leading to taking almost half of the road meant for road users.

Sir, you can still make a U-turn to Foster the existing bond and long term relationship between yourself and the party especially Leaders not ONLY now but for the Future.

On a final note, your excellency Sir, I Ijoba Authority Moe hereby pledge my Allegiance with 💯 loyalty that I will continue to do my very best to making sure your administration has a worthwhile experience and shared good dividends of Democracy.

This is a MISERY of CONFIDENCE/ASSURANCE that some VILIFIED oppositions calls HAUGHTINESS.

Together we can work/walk together and Make a Difference (M.A.D) in our dear State and Country Nigeria.


✍🏽 Signed:




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