The Students Union President of the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode, Com. Rabiu Sodiq finds it important to feed the students populace with achievements made so far since inception of Team Reliability in Office.

While speaking with one of the council’s reporters, the President acknowledge the Grace God has bestowed upon him and other representatives to have come this far despite all thick and thing. According to him, Tasuedites deserve the very best for trusting him and other representatives in capacity since 9th of June 2021.

Without mincing words, the President pushed further to state all Relaibility Regime have been able to achieve since the beginning of the administration and they are:

1. Restoration of E-test score module which shall effect this second semester.

2. Laudable campaign against INDECENT DRESSING which encompasses symposium, walks and lectures on its effects among students.

3. Ensured almost all examination scores of previous sessions were released before first semester examination.

4. Ability of the union to solicit and pay for over 20 students tuition’s fee for this academic session.

5. Ensured TASUED WATER was treated due to several complaints and its price equally regulated to #10 per sachet

6. Ensured TISHIP fee is not a prerequisite to write first semester examination as prescribed by university management.

7. Organizing of TASUED FRESHERS DAY, beauty pageant and showcasing of TALENTS.

8. Campaign against examination malpractice which reduced the rate at which students engage in examination malpractice (ORIENTATION)

9. Departmental and college dues were successfully reversed to departments for easy payment.

10. Rehabilitation of the Students’ union building (Given it a look new look.)

11. Stock TASUED MEDICAL CENTER with drugs and medical instruments.

12. Organized TASUED PRAISE; an avenue to praise God, and gave gospel and Islamic singers to showcase their talents before TASUEDItes.

13. Campaign against inadequate facilities and ill treatment at medical center.

14. Campaign and orientation for all students about importance of Genotype consciousness.

15. Brought ONGALISIOUS event on Campus for students to showcase their cooking skills and prizes in cash and items were won

16. Free WiFi lounge at OGD Hall.

17. Organized TASUED PRAYER in conjunction with MSSN AND CU TASUED.

18. Team Reliability pushed for publishing of TASUED ENACTUS success on Punch newspapers and other big media.

19. Rigorous campaign against suicide.

20. As promised by Team Reliability to aid prompt release of results, first semester examination results are being released gradually.

21. Team Reliability rebranded the dancing lounge on the school field through MUNCH IT.

22. Team Reliability renovated basketball court in other to facilitate sport activities in TASUED.

23. Volleyball court was renovated by Team Reliability through MUNCH IT initiative.

24. Brought in the innovation of indoor games(table tennis) for TASUEDITES to get engaged with at leisure time

25. Organized symposium for all students about Life after TASUED tagged CAREER TALK, this was done in collaboration with DD SUNNOLA.

26. Team Reliability introduced TASUED CONTACTS GAIN in other to help Tasuedites who are into entrepreneurs have more sales.

27. Team Reliability kicks start OPERATION FILL POTHOLES and it is still ongoing.

28. Proactive Security admonishment to all TASUEDites.

29. Ensured peaceful and secure environment for all students.

30. Create motivations for entire Tasuedites at large.

31. Three(3) times extension of payment of tuition fee.

32. Maintain cordial relationship with the university management and students communities.

33. Launched Reliability Technical helpdesk for all students.

34. Worked on the Immediate release of two students who were in police custody. One from the department of Educational management and the other from Economics department.

35. Familiarization of the union with Ogun State Government through the SA. (Soon, the union will get a new ALUTA jet for the smooth running of administration.)

36. Ensuring there is compliance to COVID-19 protocol on Campus.

37. Team Reliability brought TECNO LITE UP on campus, where TASUEDites won series of gadgets

38. Team Reliability was able to give SHS new face by buying new Mace, Gavel and dock

39. First ever Orientation program for all parliamentarians on campus (SHS/CPC)

40. Maintenance of N150 and N350 for college and departmental due respectively.

41. Renovation of SUG Hostel and building of security post for SUG HOSTEL

42. Just Review on Fresh students matriculation oath.

Com. Rabiu Sodiq therefore wants Tasuedites to understand that the above are not his achievements but for all. He stated that, all these would not have have been achieved without their unrelenting support at every point in time. Then, he urge the students populace to give more support.

The President as well mentioned that he won’t do without appreciating the Students house of senate led by Dist. Sen Moradeyo Ifedayo Johnson (JIMCRUZ) for their individual and collective contributions towards the success of his regime’s first 100 days in office.

Com. Rabiu Sodiq said emphatically that he is pleased and proud of all progress so far but not complacent about them as he believes that in his remaining days in office, His and other executive’s blueprints and promises to Tasuedites will become realities to look back on.

Thank you TASUEDites
Long live TASUEDSU


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