By: Ijoba Authority Moe

There is the need for the youth to be on rampage and take what rightly belongs to them through their willingness to serve.

Research has shown that politics is about human resource administration and material management through the rule of law which implies producing credible representatives with the right ideological, intellectual and moral orientation for the purpose of pursuing the value of the nation as well as cater for the needs of the people through provision of basic amenities and a disciplined society.

It has been observed by some active Nigerian youth that the bane of Nigeria politics is that which our politicians are unskilled and without proper education or vocation on politics. To them, the political sector is dominated by the unemployed, idle and the kleptomania which cause the country to have no vision for sustainable development.

According to reports gathered, self enrichment thrives at the state expense of development while the majority suffers from impoverishment, poverty, and hunger in the midst of plenty. Also, as a result of negative godfatherism, manual system of political leadership, inept leadership as well as corruption and underutilization of human and material resources, the country is far from development.

In a chat with one of the active Nigerian Youth who is also the CEO of Moyology Orientation Empire Foundation and Female Orientation Team Initiative as well as the convener of an annual revolutionary leadership summit tagged “Gbera, Arise and be a Maverick”, DIG. Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez called on the youth on the implications of not participating in the political leadership of the country. He stated that the country needs young able bodied minds to eliminate poverty and hunger as well as ensure equality to taking over the mantle of democratic leadership.

He reinstated that Nigeria needs true patriots with wholesome political understanding who see political seats as service rather than business. He however claimed that the youth are set to be prime movers and shakers of charismatic/pragmatic leadership who would be able to meet up with the expectations of the people. He said, the Mavericks are on the verge to set on rampage through credibility, reliability, integrity as well as honesty and discipline to take Nigeria to the height of sustainability. This may likely play out in the forthcoming LG elections into chairmership and councillorship post respectively come 15th May,2021.

“Our Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde has set the legacy for the youth to follow and it would be a turn around in Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole if the youth can represent the people in all sectors. Nigeria needs the young minds and the brains of the millennias to restrategize the political, economic and social formations to that which is sustainable.”

He however charged youth to set blue prints from various workshop, seminars and leadership summits as well as participate in the upcoming Sport event (Football game between FODs Team and AllStars Players) scheduled to hold on the 6th March, 2021, UCH Open Field organized by some Nigerian Mavericks named FRIENDS OF DEJI OLA led by Comrade Deji Ola.

However, some mavericks have continued to advocate for good governance, war against corruption and terrorism. They reasoned that instead of voting for leaders and put their trust in some stakeholders that turned the arms of government to bribery, scandal, fracas and centre for business, there is the need for the youth to be on rampage and take what rightly belongs to them through their willingness to serve and participate in the decision making of the country.

Together we can work/walk together and Make a Difference (M.A.D) in our dear State and Country Nigeria.


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