Meet Our 26th Of February Celebrants

Yusuf Suleiman Elaigwu

Yusuf Suleiman Elaigwu is a gallant comrade, public speaker, political analyst and progressive Nigerian youth.

He likes to socialize, engages in different indoor games like board, ludo game and so on. He’s a soccer fans and love travelling around the world for exposure and sight seeing.

Our celebrant hails from Benue State, Apa LGA. He’s a Financial and Management Consultant, and one of the most influential potician in his jurisdiction.

Happy birthday, epitome of leadership.


Edet Zakariya Abubakar

Comrade Edet Zakariya Abubakar is a public speaker, social activist, Pan Africanists, propagator for good governance and a Peace Ambassador. His hobbies are peace building and making reserach.

We do much hold you in high esteem, and we celebrate you Sir.
Happy birthday Distinguish.


Issa Twins

Issa Taiwo and Kehinde are identical twins who are very jovial, proactive, entrepreneurs, comrades, computer scientists and kind hearted.

On your very day, Gistsmate celebrate you, and we wish you best of life and blessings filled moments.
Happy birthday Twins


Jeremy banji

He’s a comrade with passion, leader with enthusiasm, a man with accommodating heart. His passion driven attitude is second to none.

Gistsmate celebrates you. Happy birthday.


Ibraheem Tawakalit Nike

Tawakalit is one of a kind, one in a million and if you are willing to have best of friend, then make her your bestie.
She’s very cheerful, and nice to be with. She likes pink and things in blue.

Sofiyat Ayobami says can’t trade you for anything, and she says more years in sound health and prosperity.

Happy birthday Damsel


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