March 18th Elections: Seyi Makinde, Hon. Comforter Will Floor Oppositions – Poby Reveals

In the previous times I had my subconscious mind wonder and ruminated on the caption “OLUTUNU DEE” that is The Comforter has come and why an individual is fondly called by this but after a conscious perusal, scrutinization, traceable records, and logical analysis, I have deduced, the attributes portray by Hon Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide, The People’s Democratic Party Candidate for Ibadan North Constituency1 which make her a woman of top-notch and the talk of the town among the masses in Ibadan North.

Like Governor Seyi Makinde had been contributing immensely to humanity since his antecedent, Olufunke is a woman of excellent, humanitarian, philanthropist and a visionary whose tracts and contribution to humanity can be traced.

So Why Comforter? Why is she the next candidate to beat in the Oyo State House of Assembly Election? And why do Ibadan North stakeholders, religious leaders, People Democratic Party, Labour Party, and particularly Ibadan North residents throw weight behind comforter?

Among other gigantic contributions, here are some facts contained in an interview conducted with comforter some months ago.

Q: Who is Comforter and what are your core values?

A: I’m Dr (Mrs) Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide and my core values includes:

C- Credibility
O- Originality
M- Modesty
F- Fidelity
O- Objectivity
R- Receptivity
T- Tenacity
E- Empathy
R- Reliability

Q: Why Comforter?
A: My name portrays all my core values that show true commitment to excellence and pursuing a goal till the very end:

Credibility: In my previous years of service in various government parastatals, this value stands out in my works. I’m a person of my word, and those who have been around me can testify to this.

Originality: I’m innovative and creative. I love bringing up new ideas that can facilitate good results. For instance, during the festive periods, the idea of selling food condiments, and animal products at subsidized rates to enable everyone to afford a good celebration came from my team.

Modesty: I’m a prudent person who doesn’t believe in flamboyant living to portray how great you are. True greatness is in how many people you’ve empowered to become better. That’s my mantra. For instance, I have the passion to empower people at the grassroots through Agriculture, I shared seedlings with farmers across the Constituency to encourage them to go into food production that can be profitable for them. I also gave scholarships to some indigent students to tertiary levels, I used my network to help some unemployed youths get jobs, earn and have a decent living. The list goes on, but rather than blow my trumpet, I prefer my works to speak.

Fidelity: People around can testify to that, my parents have always taught me that being trustworthy is a better name than having all riches yet lacking integrity. God helping me, serving the people of Ibadan North Constituency 1 is a service I hold in trust, and I do not intend to fail or disappoint my people in this regard.

Objectivity: No man knows it all, in the same vein, I’m not an island of knowledge, I believe in a joint partnership, having credible ideas, and in togetherness implementing policies that would give everyone a better life. So, I believe in the voice of the people, and I’m ready to follow through in giving my best in service.

Receptivity: Over the years, people around me can testify to the fact that I’m down to earth, I’m not a “Lord of all” kind of person, and I’m accessible to all those who need help in one way or the other and within my capacity, I try to help as much as I can. I do not intend to stop because the essence of service isn’t in the title alone but in visible service that can be beneficial to all.

Tenacity: I do not give up easily, when I set my mind to do a thing, I pursue it till the end. I have decided to serve the people of Ibadan North Constituency 1 and facilitate development schemes that would better their lives. Challenges may come up, no doubt but when tough times come, only the resilient win the trophy in the end, so the beautiful people of Ibadan North Constituency 1 can rest assured that I won’t give up on their dreams of having a better life and community as a whole.

Empathy: I’ve been through tough times in my life enough to understand what it means to desire a better life. Coming from this angle, I’m driven to help others around me, particularly the people of Ibadan North Constituency 1, enjoy better opportunities and have a decent living.

Reliability: I know it’s hard to trust one another these days but as the PDP candidate vying for the position of Oyo State House of Assembly Member, Ibadan North Constituency1, for me at this time isn’t just a quest for title or position, but a passion and commitment to serve and to allow people to increase their trust in those representing them especially now that our amiable Governor, Dr. Seyi Makinde is giving women the opportunity and right in politics.

Olufunke Comforter has not gotten to the position but her fingerprints on the life of others can not be ‘ruled out.
Here is another opportunity to bring a new dawn in our state, particularly in Ibadan North. It would be glad if you accept and allow Hon Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide to serve you as Honourable Member of Oyo State House of Assembly, Ibadan North Constituency1.

I would implore all the masses in the state to re-elect Governor Seyi Makinde under the People Democratic Party and vote for all the State House of Assembly Candidates for the continuity of good governance.

A bloc vote for SeyiBayo, Olufunke comforter Ibadan Constituency 1, and all PDP candidates is a vote for good governance. Vote SeyiBayo!Vote Honourable Olufunke Comforter as the House of Assembly Candidate representing Ibadan North Constituency1!!

#Comforter4SeyiBayi #ComforterSeyi #ComforterDee#IbadanNorth

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