Man who have dated over 100 women in the last 25years Reveals

A certain man identified on twitter with handle, @ActuateCoaching has taken to his social media page and made a shocking and controversial tweet and revelation about women.



According to the twitter user who is also a lawyer and a marketing expert, he said women are a distraction until you achieve personal satisfaction.


In his texts, he said if he had used the time he spent with ladies in building himself, he would been more richer and better in wealth standard today.



His post reads:


“I’ve dated over 100 women aged 18-36 in the last 25 years.


“When I look back at all of them, I wish I had spent 100% of that time working on myself.


“I’d be richer, more skilled and fulfilled.


“Women are a distraction until you achieve personal satisfaction.”


See the tweet;

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