Malnutrition is a state of lacking adequate norishment from the feeding composition. It is important for everyone to know that different agencies are monitoring feeding pattern of children, adolescent and adult in Nation within the African continent.

The first dose of feed that a new born baby should be exposed to is colostrum which is a rich source of antibodies that comes out from the mother’s mammary gland with the help of the hormone called oxytocin. Averagely less than forty percent (40%) of new born is introduced to colostrum in Africa due to many factors.

Sustainable development goal have really tried to address reduction in infant and maternal mortality in Africa. The African Nation’s ministry of health, department and agencies lack human resources that will adequately impact the health sector which is a menace that requires holistic approach because over seventy percent (70%) efficiency in the health sector will dastardly affect poor nutrition in mothers and their infant.

Agricultural ministry must work on the availability of nutritious food for children between the age of one month to sixty months (1-60) according to United State Global Health Center which will minimize stunting, obesity and other nutritional disorder in children. These and many more are the reasons behind poor nutrition in children.

Developmental projects are essential on nutritional upliftment of African infants, plan of action imbibe include Sensitization of the middle class family on nutritional benefits, economic emancipation of families to enable them capable of purchase of beneficial foodstuffs into their household. There is need for medical advice for children and their parents as a way of practicing safe health against infant and maternal mortality. The Non governmental organization inputs on nutritional imbalance will be encouraged by the public sector via legislative and administrative support. The sustainability of these plans of action will be done with the help of sustainable development goal Officials.

Top down approach of problem solving is very crucial in the amelioration of this kind of challenges. The impact will be felt to the grassroots level which will increase the sustainability of food production thereby encouraging nutritional balance among Africa Nation.
Food and Agricultural Organization is full of research expertise that activate daily report and journal to the international community.

How best is the Government making crucial legislation on the production of good food to the African children? Many International Organizations work things out on security and territorial integrity but relent on the major factor that affect humans existence which is good food and nutritional balance.

University and other research oriented organizations lack the equipment that is used for the application of their reaseach response. They rather keep them in the pigeon hole for as many years as they can keep it.

Human Capacity development in Africa needs to be centred on Nutritional development of all children, adolescent and adults in Africa. To assist the children to have a healthy life.

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