Lady Strangled, Shot Dead For Turning Down Marriage Proposal From Two Men

A 25-year-old British woman of Pakistani origin was strangled and shot dead in Pakistan after she reportedly turned down marriage proposals from two men.

According to India Today, Police said the woman, Mayra Zulfiqar, was found dead at her rented accommodation in Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority on Monday.

Lahore’s Police Assistant Superintendent Sidra Khan told news agency PTI that Mayra Zulfiqar had arrived from Belgium nearly three months ago. She was sharing her rented house with her friend Iqra.

One of the men who proposed marriage to her and is now a suspect was “keen to get foreign nationality through this marriage. Upon her refusal, he allegedly shot her dead,” Police Assistant Superintendent Sidra Khan was quoted as saying by PTI.

Meanwhile, Mayra Zulfiqar’s uncle Muhammad Nazir, who is in Lahore, has filed a police complaint and said she visited his home a day before her murder.

According to Nazir, she had told him that her two male friends — Asad Ameer Butt and Zahid Jadoon — wanted to marry her and upon her refusal, they threatened her with “dire consequences”.

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