Labour Party Is More Hopeless Than APC, PDP; Lacks Directions —  Oyo Gov. Candidate

A former chieftain of the Labour Party and governorship candidate in Oyo State, Tawfiq Akinwale has explained the reasons he terminated his party’s membership three days ago.

Akinwale who stated this during an interview session with SYMFONI which was monitored by SaharaReporters, described his former party, Labour Party as hopeless and directionless.

He added that the party which many Nigerians were seeing as the rescuing team contained a lot more irregularities than the two frontline parties, the All Progressive Congress(APC) and the People Democratic Party(PDP).

He said, “I am not a member of that party again. About 72 hours ago, I ceased to be a member of that party. It is a hopeless party that does not have direction. It is a party that will think will come to rescue the country, but unfortunately all the woes of the two major political parties, they have more than that in Labour Party because of my experience with them.”

SaharaReporters had equally reported how Mr Akinwale stated that if his party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, had won the 2023 general elections, Nigeria would have been in serious trouble due to his altitudes that showed how intolerant he was to his fellow countrymen who are Muslims.

He also blamed Peter Obi for the defection of several of the party’s governorship candidates, mainly from the North, to other opposition parties.

He continued, “The Peter Obi that you know is a deceit, the Peter Obi that you know is a pretender, all the bigot of this world is Peter Obi, because he is not somebody that should be trusted with the leadership of this country. Glory be to God almighty that did not allow him to win the election, if he had won, Nigerians would have been in serious problem, because of his attitude.

“What I observed is this, I may be wrong, 12 of us contested for that election, 12 Labour Party governorship candidates in the whole country. You know some states did not go into the contest at that time. But 12 of us, I was the only one who happened to be a Muslim, but I observed that during the electioneering campaigns, the candidate of Sokoto, the governorship candidate, decamped to APC because when he went for campaign, he did not introduce him. He didn’t make him relevant at all.

“He also did this to the Taraba governorship candidate and his deputy, he did this in Kano; they had defected even before the election because of the attitude of Peter Obi towards them.”

Akinwale also did not hide his delight at Peter Obi’s defeat during the February presidential election because he believed Obi was a politician who has swapped politics for tribalism.

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