Kidnapped Female Corp Member Released After Family Paid Ransom


We used escort in delivering bike, phones to kidnappers for my sister’s release — Brother

A female corp member kidnapped over a month ago on the Abuja -Kaduna road, Miss Faith Onoriode has regained her freedom after the family met conditions set by the kidnappers.

It would be recalled that Vanguard reported news of the abduction in April. Her brother Mr Festus Onoriode who was so elated with the release called Vanguard to break the news , saying that the sister had been released and was undergoing medical attention.

Speaking on details of the release, he said the kidnappers demanded for a motorbike, five Techno phones, airtime and two million naira.

Continuing, he said they gave them specification of the motorbike and the telephone, adding that they also sent them airtime worth one hundred thousand naira.

While thanking God that the sister was not raped he said they went as far as Lagos state to get the bike because it was not sold in Kaduna.

He said delivering the motorbike to the kidnappers camp was also not easy, adding that the kidnappers advised them to procure service of escort, so they could beat the vigilant eyes of about ten military checkpoints in the Southern Kaduna area of Kaduna state where they were told to drop the bike.

“We paid two million naira, one hundred thousand naira recharge card which they split into fifty thousand naira MTN and fifty thousand naira Airtel that we sent. They also demanded a motor bike and five phones. They gave the specification of the motorcycle and the phone. They said motorbike is not sold in Kaduna, it is in Lagos. “

“We bought the bike and added the five techno phones. “

“When we told them we were ready with the bike, they advised us to arrange for escort to take it to a spot. And the escort took three hundred thousand naira to do this. We used escort to deliver the bike “.

“There are about ten army check points on the road . “

“We waited for sometime before they released my sister. God did it that she was not raped.

“It was God. We went round churches for prayers while my sister was in the custody of the kidnappers. She was released around 6:30 to 7pm last Sunday. It was the lord’s doing. People had paid money and they didn’t see their hostage. “
“It was God that released her. We are thanking God for all He did. She is in the hospital in Kaduna. We also thank security agencies in Kaduna for all they did for us. It was not easy raising the ransom. People assisted us. We thank God she came out “.

When prodded to speak more on the nature of escort they used to deliver the motor bike the brother said those up north whose relatives had been kidnapped and released understood.

He also thanked the kidnappers for keeping to their promise to release my sister.

“I don’t have any choice but to still thank the kidnappers for releasing my sister. When we hear what people pay up north to be released , we are grateful to them for keeping their promise “.

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