Just-In: How Northerners Lost Food Blockade War Gloriously

During the food blockade by Northern farmers:

— In Kaduna: A “waste bin” basket of tomatoes crashed from N8,000 to N150. Yet no buyers. [PunchNg]

— In Kano (Gun-Dutse): bag of Onions frm N35,000 to N7,000. [DailyTrust]

— In Minna(Garatu): Kwarai of feet size yam tubers from N45,000 to N18,000

—In Jos (Barkin Ladi, Anpam West), bag of arish potatoes from N17,000 to N9,000. [UnityFm Jos]

—In Kano: farmers went to the extent of unsuccessfully trying to use the airport to move food down south. [Nairaland]

—In Abuja: the DSS was inviting herders to settle the issue (DailyTrust)

—In Bauchi (Til De Fulani), farmers were promoting unity (North & South)

—On some media, Millions were lost to food transported to other countries frm North.

At the end, the Northerners who singlehandedly declared the blockade, called it off.

They gloriously lost the war!

I guess this fight is what they seem not to understand.

Hope the concerned bodies learn from this.

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