Today remains a memorable day in the history of Nigeria’s democracy. A day when we remember the remarkable contributions of our past heroes in fighting for the liberation of the Nigerian State. These heroes fought to develop a robust nation that would distinguish itself in morality, leadership and impact on its people and the world. Their doggedness and commitment to this ideal is celebrated today, transferring virtues of hope and values of nationhood to many generations after them. These leaders sought to promote a Nigeria where every person could amount to something and enjoy the dividends of democracy, which is good governance.

Your Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, I (and many great people of Oyo State) find and are enjoying the principles that the founding fathers of our democracy promoted and upheld in you. You distinguish yourself as a leader-per-excellence and a change maker numero-uno. Your administration has demonstrated that there are possibilities in the midst of perceived murkiness in central leadership systems. You are restoring the pride of Oyo State as a pacesetter state and pride of Nigeria’s South-West. Specifically, your impeccable roll-out and delivery of infrastructural, socio-economic and educational programs are creating a difference in the lives of many citizens of Oyo State. Besides, your progressive initiatives, especially within the students and youths folk, create pathways for the emergence of a new generation that is capable of contributing positively to the growth and welfare of Oyo State because of their access to diverse social and financial resources provided to them by your administration. While these resources are numerous to mention (but can be seen and felt by the young people of the State), we are proud of your accomplishments and the other plans for which you are rolling out diverse machinery to implement for the greater good of students and youths and the wonderful people of Oyo State.

Your Excellency, Sir, like I have always said and will continue to reiterate, it takes only someone who likes darkness and retrogression to demean or undermine the outstanding work that you are doing in Oyo State since you assumed office as the Governor. For this singular reason, I unequivocally state that even if other people desert you, you will always find a firm supporter and ally in me and my constituents; my support for you is unshaken. Therefore, on this special day that we celebrate our democracy, I am sending you more prayers of grace, innovation and strength to deliver more resourceful and impactful actions that will transform the lives of all citizens of Oyo State. In your time as Governor, Oyo State will continue to enjoy, peace, progress and greatness. Happy Democracy Day, Your Excellency.

Comrade Oladoja Olushola

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