Jay Plug Gadgets CEO Bags CONYO Icon Of Humanity Award, Describes Him as a Role Model

In commemoration with Nigerian Youths across the world on the occasion of the 2022 National Youth Day celebration, the leadership of Congress of Nigeria Youth (CONYO) conferred an honourary award on Ambassador Jowosimi Olumide Adewale, MD/CEO Jay Plug Gadgets and Accessories.

The leadership of the organization eulogies youths and commend their efforts and selfless contributions towards societal and economic development towards nation building and peaceful co-existence.

Ambassador Jowosimi Olumide Adewale, a young entrepreneur and humanitarian was awarded as an Icon of Humanity/Trail Blazer at the head office in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Congress of Nigerian Youths (CONYO) is the umbrella body for millions of progressive Nigerian Youths that are exceptionally focused with mission to sustain new generation ideology in line with 21st century. The organization is saddled with the responsibility of promoting peace, unity, good governance, youth agro-business and entrepreneurship, regional dynamics, empowering women and improving the health sector through science and technology.

During the presentation, the Secretary of the organization, Amb. Adetunji Adeyinka in his speech said the award is presented based on merit and previous noteworthy antecedents to honor, celebrate, encourage, appreciate and to single out outstanding individuals who have proven distinctly diligent, performing wonderfully well in their various chosen sector whose impacts are unquantifiable and have immensely given rise to the socioeconomic growth of our great country.

He further noted that the award recipient is a young man whose story inspires confidence, determination and tenacity. Rather than staying down he remained steadfast. When you mention courage, tenacity, equity, integrity, inventiveness, brilliance, distinction and visionary leadership and all these attributes are added to faith, the award recipient personifies them all.

The Deputy Speaker of the Youth group further stated that the award recipient is a symbol of hope to millions of Nigerian youths whose story inspire confidence, determination and tenacity. He is a man armed with bigger vision and dream to change perspective of young Nigerians to business and social-economic development of our nation. His rewards and recognitions have come in quantum profit for investments, commendation for good works, good name around the town and fulfillment in life.

The presentation read, “I am pleased to convey to you the resolution of the national leadership of the Congress of Nigerian Youths (CONYO) on your nomination and has deemed it fit to present to you an honour.”

“This honour is not unconnected with your laudable antecedents of dedication, hard work and diligence in humanitarian service and your commendable works as an advocate and a relentless crusader of promoting entrepreneurship for Nigerian Youths. In life, we are either remembered for our good deeds or evil.
Today, we are here to reciprocate hard work, dedication, commitment, focus and good deeds. Do not relent as the sky is not the limit but the starting point.

Ambassador Olumide Adewale in his acceptance speech appreciates the organization for the honour bestowed on him and also stated that the recognition serves as a proof to show that Nigerian Youths are gradually getting it right. He further stated that the award serves as a motivation and also to charge him to do more for humanity and his contributions to nation development.

He further called the attention of the Congress of Nigerian Youths (CONYO) to seek partnership with his company in terms of sponsorship and collaboration. He also advised that Nigerian youths and students should be entrepreneurial minded and should not only focus on white collar jobs but also on business or entrepreneurial skills, he concluded.

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