JAPA To America: 6 Important Documents You Must Possess if You Want To Travel To USA For Masters Degree

Many who wish to study abroad also see the study route as the easiest way to relocate to any country. USA is easily one of the most preferred destinations for Nigerians wishing to seek greener pastures abroad.

Yearly, many young Nigerians apply for masters positions in US universities, seeking to be offered spaces for study. But some Nigerian graduates are unaware that they would have to possess some essential documents before seeking to travel to the USA for their masters degree.

To this end, these are six of the most important documents students would need as they aspire to travel to the USA.

1. International passport

One of the very first documents you have to possess before even starting your masters application abroad is the international passport.

The international passport is like an identity card that identifies you as a citizen of your country. It is required before you will be given admission, and it is also required as a travel document. If you wish to travel to USA for studies, you have to possess a Nigerian international passport which Nigerian Immigration Service issues.

2. Academic transcript

If you wish to travel to USA for your masters degree, you have to apply to the school that issued your first degree or HND, and get your transcript. The transcript is an academic document that spells out your performance in school while studying for your first degree or HND. The school you are applying to in USA will need to use your transcript to evaluate your suitability before offering you admission.

3. Statement of purpose

Many schools in USA require you to tell them why they should offer you admission. The statement of purpose helps you to cover other things that couldn’t be covered in your certificates and other documents. The SOP is one of the documents that helps get you admitted for a masters degree in USA if it is well-written.

4. Reference letters

Another important document that is very critical in getting you admitted for a masters degree in USA is your reference letters. Nigerian students seeking to gain admission for masters degree are required to present at least one reference letter except otherwise stated by the school. Usually, the schools ask that you get reference letters from your school lecturers or a direct boss who can vouch for your suitability for admission.

5. IELTS/TOEFL or any other English test

As a Nigerian student seeking to study for your masters degree in USA, the universities over there will require you to prove that you can study in English without language barriers. The schools, therefore, require Nigerian students to take an English test. The two of the most commonly used tests are IELTS and TOEFL.

However, it should be noted that many universities in the USA have actually started waiving English tests for Nigerian students.

6. University Certificate

Another document you need to possess while applying for admission to study for your masters in USA is your university certificate. Many schools in USA require you to submit this at the point of application. Also, other schools require you to present original copies of your degree certificate on arrival at the school.

Skills to possess before travelling abroad In a related story, Legit.ng also listed some skills to possess if you want to travel out of Nigeria.

It was said in the article that those who possess skills are more likely to survive abroad. Some of these skills include hairdressing, ICT skills and more.

Credit: Legit.ng

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