Jandor Students’ Movement Welcomes Lagosians To New Month


To all Students and Youths in Lagos state, the leadership of Jandor Students Movement wish to welcome you to the month of June.

Leadership is not what we all see, several sacrifice and compromise, abuse and name dragging left and right, All to put up a functioning Lagos that will works for all.

The youths constitute an important part of every society. The active involvement of youths in the Nigerian politics today is key because the youths are energetic, and possess more mental ability of making logical decisions. In Nigeria, youths are marginalized and short changed from getting involved in decision making process of the country as a result of the crude politics and considering the fact that money and thuggery dictates the shot in most cases in the Nigerian political terrain most especially in Lagos state. Considering the above, it should not be negotiated that their voices must be heard, to achieve that a step has to be taken that represents the tenets of Lagosians not of one man who believes the world revolves around him.

Despite the disappointment and the failure on the side of the current government and the crop of leaders or should i say Godfathers or Vote buyers! am still of the opinion that youths are the ardent, active and positive drivers for Nigeria’s needed change, and their presence, numbers deserve recognition in the policy making and development of Nigeria and changing the narrative of the monarchy been practiced in our dearie Lagos State.

IT IS TIME to support, vote for a New Dawn in Lagos. Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran p.k.a JANDOR for Lagos state Governor come 2023. A purpose driven, people concerned and independent focused leader to take Lagos from the boundage of BABA SO PE in the state to a lagos that works for all!

Happy celebration of the New month of June!

Adeboye Adegboye
P.k.a Papa of Lagos
JSM Coordinator

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