ITS SEYI’S TIME, WHY THE NOISE?- Ijoba MOE Berates Makinde’s Oppositions


BY Ijoba Authority Moe

Dear Governor SEYI Makinde,

“In every mess, there is a message.those competing with GSM are not complete.”

“They are purveyors of fake news, charlatans, wailers, vilified souls and wounded doglike individuals.”

Your emergence as GOV. OYO STATE in 2019 was supernatural, deep, unbelievable and unexpected.

No wonder, it rained cat and dog on your election day at about 5:55PM Saturday 9th March 2019.

Symbolically, your inauguration/handover day too 29th May, 2019 about 12noon rained showers from heaven. This is revelational, misery and strange that shows a peaceful reign of your administration which some people already tagged IRE DEEEEEEEE IRE WOLUUUUU.

You have a story to tell younger generation, followers of your school of thought and reasoning, emerging and potential leaders. You are a candour, an Enigma of Excellence and a role model without reservations.

So much to know and discuss about your personality. You seems to be a rare being, like a Governor in the holy book, Governor Nehemiah hence why I tagged you to be GOVERNOR NEHEMIAH OF OYO STATE.

I believe that your coming to politics was ordained, ordered and our of passion for the good people of Oyo state. The labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain.

GSM, You need to write books codenamed “THE MANKINSON” for prospective leaders coming behind to succeed you and duly follow suit on your pathway to Accelerated Development and moving from Poverty to Prosperity (P2P). Your weekly letter bomb is superb, inspirational, second to none, superb and touching. Sincerely, I wonder were you hail from.

I know someday, after the expiration of your insightful, laudable tenure of good Governance and good Politics in Oyo State Nigeria, you will look back and leave words on the Marble and Rock.

SEYI MAKINDE, a historic household name, a son from the city called Ajia Village under the upbringing and tutelage of Late Pa Olatunbosun and Mrs Abigail.

This is a MISERY of CONFIDENCE/ASSURANCE that some VILIFIED oppositions calls HAUGHTINESS.

Together we can work/walk together and Make a Difference (M.A.D) in our dear State and Country Nigeria.


✍🏽 Signed:



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