IPOB/Yoruba Nation: Babangida Speaks On Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho Secession Agitations


Former Military leader, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB, has finally spoken on the secessionist agendas rocking the country.

In a trending interview on Arise TV on Friday monitored by our correspondent, Babangida explained that Nigerians do not believe in Secession.

When asked about his take on the secession agitations from the South-West(Yoruba nation) and the South-east (IPOB).

He said; “It is always good to agitate but because there is this belief that this country should be one. When they make the noise, they find that it won’t get supported, because Nigerians generally don’t believe in anything that would disturb their peace of mind. They won’t do it.”

He added that politicians were to blame for the deep disunity in the country.

He pointed out that there was a time people held positions outside their ethnic regions and expressed sadness at the present crop of leaders.

He added that the current set of politicians in the country were not serious about nation-building.

“If you look back, if you take a place like Baga, in the north-east, the Igbo man, Yoruba man travelled up to Baga for trading, he lived very comfortably, he lived very well with the people around there,” he said.

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