INSIDE LIFE: Lady Goes Insane After Visiting Boyfriend In Osun

There was uncertainty as a lover gone insane after she visited her boyfriend in Osun state.

GISTSMATE Media reports that there was confusion recently at Onababaona area of Osogbo in Osun state when a lady simply identified as Khadijat reportedly lost her sanity and ran mad during a visit to her boyfriend.

Those in the neighborhood said that the young lady, about 25 years old, started displaying lunacy after she alighted from a private vehicle around 7am.

The lady, who was speaking incoherently when being interrogated by some concerned residents, was reportedly seen picking dirty objects by the roadside and placing them on her head.

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Some sympathisers collected a phone that she was holding from her in order to contact her relatives but it was discovered that the contacts on the phone had been deleted.

“When we discovered that her phone contacts had been wiped off, we decided to check her call logs. Fortunately, we saw the last number that she dialed and we called it. The lady who picked the call said she was her twin sister and that she had warned her (Khadijat) not to visit the man (her boyfriend).

“She said they both live in Lagos and that she couldn’t come to Osogbo due to her work. The twin sister later sent their relative’s number to us that we should call. We called the number and a man picked it, confirming that he was one of her relatives. The man later came and took her away,” a concerned resident told The Point Newspaper.

In the opinion of some people, Khadijat might have fallen victim to ritualists. She was unable to regain her sanity as of the time she was being taken away by her relatives, who are based in Osogbo.

One of her relatives who visited the scene to take her away told The Point Newspaper that Khadijat was living in Osogbo before she relocated to Lagos earlier this year with her twin sister.

“We are not aware that she was visiting Osogbo and we didn’t even know the person that she visited. We are surprised to see her in this condition,” he said.

It was, however, learnt that the victim had been taken to a spiritual home for treatment.

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