Independence Day: YFNOS Preaches Love, Unity In Diversity

October 1st, 2022
Presents the Celebration of NIGERIA @ 62

As Nigeria celebrates her 62nd Independence anniversary, YFNOS secretariat felicitates Oyo state youths and expresses joy as Nigerians home and diaspora rejoice for the country on her anniversary.

Amidst the security issues, economic downturns, pandemonium, ups and downs, crisis, kidnappings, insurgency, banditry e.t.c we have passed through and still experiencing as an indivisible nation created by GOD through this year 2022, as Nigerians, as a nation there’s always reasons to celebrate, be appreciative, give thanks and be grateful to God.

As we celebrate our 62 years of independence from the British colonial masters and the unity of our nation as a result of the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates, may we learn to love, live, and sacrifice as individuals and as a nation to live in harmony and peace.

At YFNOS Secretariat, we understand that youths are the pillar of the nation and therefore urge all our fellow youths to sacrifice our time, resources, talents, and skills to the greatness of our dear Oyo state in particular and our nation in general.

On the part of the leadership of our state governor in person of his Excellency Engineer Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, we appreciate his sincerity and his fulfillment of his promise by providing sufficient resources and encouragement for all security operatives, provision of free qualitative education, adequate and prompt payment of workers’ salaries as and when dues, payment of pension arrears for senior citizens, ensuring unbeatable development, and so on.

We appreciate the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for their professionalism and extension of voters` registration exercise which will enable all eligible voters to exercise their franchise duty to our nation. We urge all registered voters to go for the collection of their voters card and keep our voters’ cards safe in order to vote for the right leaders of our choice in the forthcoming election and beyond.

We should show love, unity, harmony, progress, and understanding in times of challenges, crisis, and trials and never lose hope in the presence of fear and despair that our nation Nigeria will be great again and we will be proud of her and be great too in her.

We, therefore, urge us to continue promoting peace and unity and renew our hopes in Nigeria. Let us be good ambassadors of Oyo state in particular and in Nigeria general home and abroad, and be our brothers and nation keeper down to our immediate various communities; one of the core ideals of Youths for New Oyo State is “sensitizing youths to rise and serve communities”.
Once Again! ` We wish us all a Happy Independence and welcome to the 10th Month of OCTOBER.



State Coordinator

State Secretary

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