I Will Unveil Campaign For Unity And Change – Comr. Ahmad Ashir Tells Youth, Orphans, Others


A Young Political Analyst and advocate for youth engagement, involvement and Inclusion in politics in Kaduna State has urged youth in the North to be army of truth and freedom in their respective communities.

In a statement issued to newsman in Kaduna on Saturday, Comrade Ahmad Ashir said that, youth are the catalysts of change and therefore, must change, because failure to do so will translate to a continuous unmitigated disaster of an administration that wants to kill their today and bury their tomorrow.

He added that, for every nation on earth, there comes a time when courage is needed to stand up without fear of intimidation, but with faith, hope, and vision, to liberate a people and chart a new course of development for a nation waking up from the departure of dusk into the brightness of dawn.

He said “as a soldier of freedom and democracy, to tell you that no matter how strong, no matter how brutal, and no matter how vicious tyranny is, it will never triumph over the truth of good men if free men fight for the good of all and for the liberty of the future. Trust me, that if good men do, every tyranny will be defeated and humiliated.”

“For us to make progress in this present democratic experience; elections must to become free, fair and credible, people could freely express their opinions, even anti-government views and no one would harass them, because government is for the people.

“Insecurity has become a daily occurrence in our lives today, banditry, kidnapping, political thuggery, underaged voting and other electoral malpractices have become the subject of the day.”

According to Comrade Ashir, they have become an abandoned constituency project as they are under-represented in various government appointments; no vacancy right from federal to local government level, no fuel in filling stations, prices of goods and services are three times higher now than they were six years ago, and the currency is almost becoming worthless in value.

“We cannot continue like this. As youth we must become the army of truth and freedom. As youth, we must become prepared to not only vote, but to protect our votes because our votes are the guarantee we have of a better today and a secured tomorrow.

“We must therefore do all we can legally, and within just law, to rescue our democracy and hand it over to the only youth friendly political party with the will, reform, blueprint, and national structure necessary to rebuild our battered country and economy.

“We don’t want to relent but continue to assist government, traditional rulers, security agencies, national and regional NGOs and CSOs towards the restoration of lasting peace, unity in this direction because governance is a collective effort especially in this democratic discompensation.” He said.

Furthermore, he also lamented that, If the youth truly believe that they can do it, then surely they will do it for themselves, their children, and for those Nigerians yet unborn.

Finally, Comrade Ahmad Ashir said Nigeria is worth rescuing, for they have no other country, and called on youth to therefore, struggle for unity and change boldly by using their PVCs in rescuing their country today.

To join the Campaign contact :
09038229012, 07042254058

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