‘I Tore Out His Scrotum’- Scorned Wife Tears Husband’s’s Sex Organ

A Bulawayo man has said that his life has become a living hell ever since he served his wife with Gupuro, the customary divorce token. He alleged that she had torn his scrotum after she viciously attacked his privates.

Things have become so bad for Luckson Gopo of Nkulumane 5 suburb, that he approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a protection order against his estranged wife Beauty Manhenhe.

In his application, Luckson alleged that his estranged wife is refusing to be divorced and has taken to tormenting. He also alleged that his life was at risk as Manhenhe has threatened to scald him with boiling water or cooking oil.

He told the court that he has since moved in with his brother after Manhenhe attacked him on his privates. He submitted medical records detailing the damage that had been done to his scrotum and penis by his wife’s sharp nails.

In her response, Manhenhe disputed that the couple had divorced. She insisted that the marriage is still subsisting. She also refuted allegations that she is threatening her estranged husband.

Manhenhe, however, admitted that she had attacked her husband’s privates and caused damage to his scrotum and manhood. In her defence, she argued that on the day in question, the two had fought and that she had also sustained injuries. She submitted her own medical records as evidence.

Presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube said that it was not clear whether the couple had divorced or not so she issued a reciprocal order. Luckson and Manhenhe were ordered not to assault or utter threats of violence at each other. B-Metro reports that the Magistrate ruled.

“Since the court is not satisfied on the divorce of the parties, I will not give an order on the eviction of either party from their matrimonial home. A reciprocal order is hereby granted and both parties are ordered not to assault or utter threats of violence at each other,” ruled the magistrate.

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