I Have Not Asked Any Politician To Beg The Buhari On My Behalf – Sunday Igboho

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ADEYEMO IGBOHO: Our Client Has Not Endorsed Any Defecting Politician or Retired Soldier as His Handler or Mouthpiece Save His Lead Counsel

1. We have been reliably informed that some politicians are pressurising our client, Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Igboho Oosa, and his wife, MRS ROPO ADEYEMO both now in Cotonou to give them endorsement to use at the Presidency to justify their new found love and/or defection to APC and/or curry affection from those in power.

2. Let the whole world be aware, especially the Presidency, that Chief Sunday Adeyemo is totally apolitical with no special love and/or hatred for any political party as he has friends in all. His mass followership runs across many divides without any political and/or religious colouration.

3. He also has no political handler who controls the way he goes about his belief! Kanu’s Case is a good lesson in treachery to all!

4. He however respects the six (6) elected Governors of Southwest States as authentic representatives of his Yoruba race.

5. Any document purportedly signed by Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Igboho Oosa and/or his wife endorsing, empowering and/or making anybody his mouthpiece other than his lead counsel should be disregarded and take as FAKE.

6. It is disheartening that a discredited politician with disreputable pedigree in Yoruba race and another retired security officer are pressurising our client and his wife to give them endorsements to Yoruba Youths and the Presidency without considering his unlawful incarceration in the Republic of Benin and health issues.

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