How My Gf Uses The POS Business I Opened For Her To Sponsors Another Guy’s Education

A heartbroken Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate how he opened a POS business for his girlfriend who was using the proceeds to take care of another man.

According to the lad identified as @Ikhuoria__ on Twitter said he set up a POS business for his girlfriend since she was unemployed but unknown to him, she was using the proceeds to sponsor the other guy to complete his education.

He said that it was when she visited him to spend the weekend and he saw messages from the other guy who she later claimed was her ex.

The man wrote:

”I was in a relationship with a girl back then. I opened a POS shop for her to handle since she didn’t have a job, while I have my own personal business i am running. I never knew this babe was using my money to sponsor a guy to complete his university education.

I didn’t even know not until she came to my house to spend weekend. But as she was bathing, a message pop from her phone. I started to read the message.

The guy was telling my babe that he need foodstuffs that she should send him money. When I asked her she told me the guy was her ex.

I trusted her so much. I was really in pains when she told me”

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