How A Students’ Leader Graduates With Distinction Sparks Reactions In Campus


Emotions, Joy as Students Leader Graduates with Distinction/First Class Amidst Tough Challenges faced on Campus

Another Students Leaders have just shown to the world that challenges are stepping stones to greater height and source of inspiration if well managed, as a Student from the Gateway State ( Ogun State, Nigeria ) came out in flying colours across through the semesters despite tough time in each semester, attempting to lead and liberate the students on campus.

The newly graduated Student of Gateway ICT Polytechnic Saapade, Ogun State, Maiyegun Quam on Saturday, 27th February, 2021 got his final academic result where he scored a Cumulative Grade Point of 3.59 ( Distinction/First Class). The result of the vibrant and eloquent young Nigerian has sparked emotional reactions from friends, family, well wishers who share in the joy of the students leader in the school.

In narrating his ordeal, the First Class Graduate explains thus

“I faced series of challenges and I had tough time since I got admitted all in quest to further liberate the Student populace, put my school in a more standard public scene, right some wrongs for the interest of all. My school portal was suspended few weeks after I got admitted because I urged the school to postpone matriculation day, that was in my first semester. The portal was suspended till about three or four days to examination before they reopened it, then I had to rush all registration and I paid my fees, print out documents on the morning of the exam day”.

He further explained how he was denied of his mandate in a Departmental Association election where he contested unopposed.

” Around the second semester, I had another challenges, I contested in students Departmental Association Election with no opponent and I was not announced winner but rather declared inconclusive all because I request for a transparent process of counting the votes for all aspirants which they describe as confronting authority and as such, denied and declare inconclusive. Not ending, summoned to disciplinary panel on my examination day in second semester. While I was in the agony of contesting election unopposed and yet denied, I received the letter to disciplinary Committee on my way to exam hall few days after and I tried to make myself strong and do my examination.”

“It never ended there, after several attempt to scare me and demoralize my passion, agility to see my Institution grow higher and better through diplomatic advocacies and uprightness, my third semester was in another struggle to do my project, I was not on supervision list under any lecturers in my department, I was posted under the Dean of the Faculty under who supervised nearly only me while others were under different lecturers in the department, I felt bad but I was not scared”


“I summoned courage and contested the Student Union Government President but I was unjustly disqualified on the morning of the election day after I followed all pre-election processes including the manifesto, I was disqualified on the basis of the mandate they had earlier denied me in the Departmental Association Election. This came around the last semester of the programme and before the COVID-19 pandemic break.”


Maiyegun Quam Abimbola popularly called MAYE on campus explained that he was always on his toes as he never know where they could be attempting to get at him. On how he managed to still had distinction in all semesters despite the tough times, he explained how he tried to be strong with believe that tough time don’t last but tough people do. “I encourage myself because I read books alot, I encourage those around me too, on one of my exam, I told myself that Quam, if you pass this exam, there is no examination you cannot pass, that was around when I receive panel letter on way to exam venue I guess”

He express joy on his result and said he is not in war with anyone as he saw those actions to him as being prepared for life in guise of punishments, says “they are stories that is meant to be attached to glory”

Maiyegun thereby thanked all who supported him in and outside the campus, he urge all Student Leaders on campus to remain focus, dedicated and faithful in their cause as their is always light at the end of every dark tunnel. He said he has impacted in lives of the students with series of programmes including the #SAYNoToSuicide, #LoveFiesta and more that he pioneered with his team, despite all odds against him.

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