Born out of structure,
Where system failed to nurture.
Grow in circle of tons of obscurity,
Where the infliction set your foot into calamity.

Oh life was uneasy!
You are up to get a life despite being uneasy.
Education is the best legacy they say,
Mama sent you school not to go astray.

Oh their sweat baptizes you all day!
Not to be called “illiterate” someday
In joy she waved at you at car pack.
With full hope of coming back to payback.

“Mama I promise to make you proud”
But the land call on you the sobering crowd.
Their tear flows with your blood on motion.
Mama wish to fight death for this destruction.

Left home to feed home.
But the road feeds on you to be sent home!
Go through the route of hell to get certificate
Education our aim not to be suddenly late.

Dear deceased, the system failed you!
Your home is our heart, we won’t forget you.
Till we meet again in the unknown world.
Kindly rest in blossom of the lord.

©️Folorunsho Ahmed Adekunle
Jan 23, 2020.

Dedicated to all souls we lost to preventable fatal accidents that claims the life of many students of Adekunle Ajasin university akungba akoko on Jan 23rd, 2020.

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