Happy Birthday Priceless

Afolabi Abisola Elizabeth is a beautiful, hardworking, cheerful and godfearing lady. She hails from Ejigbo, Osun state. Every April 12 speaks about her. Olukayode Ebenezer Oluwaferanmi sent her romantic birthday messages on her birthday. It reads:


She’s my princess,
She’s my prettiest,
She’s my pearl and precious,
She’s my purest diamond.

She’s my love and life,
She’s my sound and rhyme,
She’s my lot and all,
She’s my favorite song and gong.

She’s my heart,
My beat and hit,
My first and best,
My most preferred friend.

You are the kindest of all mates,
The coolest of all tastes,
I know you love me,
I love you too.

You are a very special kind of friend. Specially created by God for me. And beyond birthday facilitation, above all wishes… You know “You Mean So Much To Me”, and “I Love You, So Much”.

May God beautify your existence with lots of blessings. May your life be anointed to showcase God’s glory. May our love flourishes and glows forever.

Happy birthday Priceless.


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  1. happy birthday Olori set, wish u long life and prosperity Heaven bless ur new Age ijn.
    Enjoy ur day till d fullest

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