The Oyo State Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development Fund is a N1 billion MSME stimulus package that will be disbursed through Microfinance Banks at a single-digit interest rate to facilitate the growth of MSMEs in the State. The fund is a component of Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration’s Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan. The fund will provide loan facilities, up to N3m per MSME.

Gov. Seyi Makinde inaugurates a nine-member steering committee for COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (CARES) – Program for Results. CARES is a World Bank assisted programme aimed at mitigating the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and earmarked a sum of $750m

Gov. Seyi Makinde Pays Gratuity of Another 76 Retirees to Clear Years 2012 – 2013
The Oyo State Government has paid up to three billion, four hundred and twenty million naira to clear the years 2012- 2013 unpaid gratuity.
Oyo state government, on Friday, presented #180 Million gratuity cheques to the year 2013 of 94 retired civil servants.
✅Appointment letters to 5000 Professional Teachers and 150 Physically Challenge/Disability persons(PWDs)
✅reinstatement of illegally sacked civil servants
✅offsetting backlog gratuities and pensions among others.
✅Oyo State Government Promotes Thirty-six Thousand (36,000) WORKERS.


The following numbers of FGN-UBEC/Oyo SUBEB Intervention Projects 2012-2017, awarded in 2018 were completed by the current administration.

✅Model schools – 22
✅Block of 6 classrooms – 1
✅Block of 4 classrooms – 4
✅Block of 3 classrooms – 8
✅Early Child Development (ECD) Centres – 2
✅Renovations – 38
✅Toilets – 14
✅Boreholes – 5
✅Furniture – 10 lots to 36 schools

The following numbers of FGN-UBEC/Oyo SUBEB Intervention Projects 2018 awarded in 2020 by the current administration have been completed.

✅Block of 4 classrooms – 1
✅Block of 3 classrooms – 6
✅Early Child Development (ECD) Centres – 1
✅Renovations – 10
✅Boreholes – 20
✅Sports equipment (3 Lots)
✅Procurement of 16 motorcycles (1 lot)
✅Procurement of 1 Toyota Hilux Van (2018 Model)

The following numbers of FGN-UBEC/Oyo SUBEB Intervention Projects 2012-2017, awarded in 2018 are ongoing.

✅Model schools – 32
✅Block of 3 classrooms – 5
✅Early Child Development (ECD) Centres – 4
✅Renovations – 11
✅Toilets – 24
✅Boreholes – 3
✅Furniture – 3 lots

The following numbers of FGN-UBEC/Oyo SUBEB Intervention Projects 2018, awarded in 2020 by the current administration are ongoing.

✅Model schools – 5
✅Block of 4 classrooms – 14
✅Block of 3 classrooms – 26
✅Early Child Development (ECD) Centres – 5
✅Renovations – 49
✅Boreholes – 20
✅Furniture – 36 lots
✅Construction of Classrooms – 11 awarded, 10 completed and 1 not executed.
✅Renovation of Classrooms – 58 awarded, 56 completed and 2 ongoings.
✅Construction of VIP Toilet – 13 awarded, 12 completed and 1 ongoing.
✅Construction of Foodshed and Landscaping – 13 awarded and 13 completed.
✅Construction of Perimeter Fencing with Security Gate – 13 awarded, 9 completed and 4 ongoings.
✅Installation of Solar Boreholes – 13 awarded and 13 completed.
✅Supply of School Furniture – 254 X 13 awarded, 12 completed and 1 ongoing
✅Supply and Installation Solar Inverter System 13 awarded, 10 completed, 1 ongoing and 2 not executed.
✅Appointment letters to 5000 Professional Teachers and 150 Physically Challenge/Disability persons(PWDs)
✅Lautech Ownership and Conversion to become conventional University
✅ Establishment of Institution in Iseyin
✅ Lautech ownership and upgraded to become a conventional University.
✅Saki to have Institution of Science and Natural Resources.


In keeping with his campaign promise, the Seyi Makinde led administration focused on healthcare as one of the four pillars that will bring about accelerated development in Oyo State. Although the budgetary allocation to healthcare was 5.3%, the sector enjoyed extra-budgetary allocations and interventions such as the N54 million medical mission which was suspended due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. His Excellency chose to leverage on the COVID-19 pandemic to further upgrade the healthcare system in Oyo State.

A new funding structure has been implemented for the Primary Healthcare system in the state. This will fund the renovation and equipping of all Primary Healthcare Centres. Additionally, the system has been restructured.

The following projects have been executed:

✅Renovating and equipping the Primary Healthcare Centre, Oranyan.
✅Renovating and equipping the Primary Healthcare Centre, Aafin.
✅Renovating and equipping the ALGON Comprehensive Health Centre, Eyin Grammar, Ibadan.
✅Renovating and equipping the operation theatre, radiography unit and medical laboratory of Adeoyo State Hospital, Ring Road.
✅Purchase of MRI 1.5 Tesla machine for LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso.
✅Purchase of 10 ambulances for the Ministry of Health to be distributed to the four zones in the state.
✅Upgraded Jericho specialist hospital

COVID-19 Response

Collaborating with the Virology Department, College of Medicine, the University of Ibadan to upgrade the laboratory to a molecular laboratory approved by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to test for COVID-19.

✅Renovating and equipping the 100-bed Infectious Disease Centre, Olodo.
✅Renovating and equipping the Maternal and Child Health Centre, Saki which will serve as a 100-bed isolation centre (ongoing).
✅Renovating and equipping the 40-bed isolation centre at LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso (ongoing).
✅Renovating and equipping the General Hospital, Igbo Ora with a section to be used as a 40-bed isolation centre (ongoing).
✅Renovating and equipping the Primary Healthcare Centre, Aawe to be used as a 24-bed isolation centre.
✅Renovating and equipping Agbami Chest Centre, Jericho (ongoing).
✅Purchase of 2 ambulances for COVID-19 cases.
✅Setting up a Drive/Walk-Through Testing Centre at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan.
✅Setting up an Emergency Operations Centre with helplines (08095394000, 08095863000, 08078288999 and 08078288800) to coordinate the response to COVID-19
✅Production and distribution of 1,000,000 cloth face masks in all 33 Local Government Areas.
✅Distribution of palliatives to 120,000 households: 90,000 poorest of the poor households and 30,000 vulnerable households.
✅Decontamination of the Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan and other public places.


Infrastructural development remains a key priority of the Oyo State Government led by Governor Seyi Makinde. This is evidenced by infrastructure getting the highest vote, 23.93%, in the 2020 budget. Also, all borrowings in the last one year, are tied to infrastructural development. For example, the N7.6 billion re-purposed loan is for the development of farm estates while the N10 billion loan was invested in road construction.

Also, the recently approved N22.5 billion loan is tied to the upgrade of healthcare infrastructure, the Light Up Oyo State Phase II project, building of bus terminals, security architecture, junction improvements, road projects and other infrastructural activities. His Excellency has stated on several occasions that all infrastructural development projects will be tied to the economy of the state so that it can benefit the citizenry.
Achievements in Infrastructure

As part of plans to enhance security, Governor Seyi Makinde flagged off the “Light up Oyo” project on September 6, 2019. The project is for the replacement of the existing underperforming street light fittings with improved modern technology street lights fittings and the installation of new smart LED technology street lights at strategic areas in Ibadan.

The “Light up Oyo” Phase I project which has since been completed, covers the following areas in Ibadan:

✅Iwo Road to Idi-ape
✅Ojoo to Barracks
✅Orita Challenge to New Garage
✅Sango (Rail track area) to the University of Ibadan to Ojoo
✅Toll Gate to Interchange to Orita Challenge to Challenge Roundabout
✅ procurement of 106 Mass Transit Buses, 60 Bicycles among others.
✅Tribrid Solar Power Supply for Rural Community Development Centre as relayed
✅Oyo State Government purchased brand new operational vehicles for Vehicle Inspection and Roadworthiness.

Phase II of the “Light up Oyo” project will cover 70 roads totalling 223.42 kilometres across the state. This second phase of the project was approved by the Oyo State Government Executive Council (EXCO) in April 2020 and will soon commence.

Communication Infrastructure

In the communication sector, Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration broke a decade-long drought in capital project intervention at the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS). In August 2019, an N18 million project was approved for the station. It was used for the installation of a Digital Satellite Audio Network. Also, for the first time in 12 years, BCOS stopped the primitive use of mobile phones to monitor and transmit from its out-stations in Ajilete and Alaga and switched to sending digital signals directly from the headquarters in Ibadan.


On-road rehabilitation, the Oyo State Ministry of Works is currently engaged in the following projects:

The complete reconstruction of the 65 kilometres Moniya-Ijaiye-Iseyin Road commenced in November 2019 and the estimated completion date is November 2020.

The reconstruction of the 12 kilometres Apete-Awotan-Akufo road which serves about 40 communities is currently ongoing.

Airport-Ajia-New Ife Expressway, with a spur to Amuloko (21 kilometres)

Saki-Ogbooro-Igboho Road (44.70 kilometres)

Under G-Stadium-LAUTECH Gate Road, Ogbomoso (3 kilometres)

Takie-FGGC Road, Ogbomoso (2.5 kilometres)

Isaba-Ogundoyin Road, Eruwa (2.5 kilometres)

Gedu-Oroki-Sabo-Asia Road, Oyo (5.2 kilometres)

Akingbile-Lagbeja-Ajibode Road (3 kilometres)

Ongoing Project: Installation of an Intelligent Transportation System (traffic signal control systems, traffic signs and anti-finger metal security fence) with a Control Room and Taxi Park at Challenge-Felele, Idi-Odo, Ibadan
Ongoing Project: Completion of Sections 1 and 2 of the dualization of Challenge-Odo Ona Elewe-Apata Road, Ibadan. Defective portions of Section 1 are being repaired while Section 2 is being constructed.

Additionally, the Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency (OYSROMA) has rehabilitated several roads and de-silted drainages in the Ibadan metropolis. Rehabilitation of roads in other zones in the state by OYSROMA will commence soon.
The Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP) is a targeted reaction to the historic flooding of Ibadan City on August 26, 2011.
The IUFMP commenced in February 2015.

The project aims to provide solutions to flooding in Ibadan by rehabilitating flood prevention infrastructure and providing a medium to long-term flood risk management framework. It is funded by a $200 Million World Bank loan which is paid out in tranches as the project progresses. A mid-term review of the IUFMP was carried out on November 07, 2019. Read more about the IUFMP


✅An update on Ibarapa football stadium project ongoing
✅An update on the ongoing upgrade of the Olubadan Stadium, Ibadan.
✅Ongoing Project: Construction of 360 housing units at Ajoda New Town Estate, Ibadan-Ife Road, Egbeda Local Government Area.
✅An update on the dualisation of the 7.2 km Idi Ape-Basorun-Akobo-Odogbo Barracks road, Ibadan.
✅An update on the reconstruction and remodelling of Soun Township Stadium, Ogbomoso.
✅Remodelling of Lekan Salami Sports Complex, and Adamasingba Stadium simultaneously.
✅An update on the ongoing reconstruction of the 12km Apete-Awotan-Akufo road, Oyo State.
✅An update on the ongoing renovation and remodelling of the new Agbowo Shopping Complex, Ibadan.

✅Others are the upgrade and equipment of Infectious Disease Centre, Olodo; Saki Specialist Hospital, Saki, ongoing remodelling and equipment of Primary Health Care Centres across the 351 wards of the state and ongoing educational infrastructure projects across the state.

✅The ongoing reconstruction of the 65km Moniya-Ijaiye-Iseyin Road.
✅construction of four Bus Terminals Ibadan.
✅An update on the reconstruction of 45.3km Saki-Ogbooro-Igboho road.
✅Flag-Off of Renovation and Expansion of OYSADA Headquarters at Saki
After the remodelling, the facility will be used as the headquarters of the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA).
Ongoing power plant project around secretariat and it’s environs
✅Park at Bodija Market
✅Ongoing works on Old Ife expressway
✅Two mini-parks for buses
✅Junction improvements work at Challenge to Idi odo
✅Rehabilitation of Tescom zonal office
✅Facilitation and equipping a mobile police squadron in Oke Ogun
✅Rehabilitation of juice processing factory
✅Model PHC upgrade, Igbo Ora
✅Resuscitation of Ijaye Asphalt and Quarry plant
✅over 700 community mini – project in conjunction with World Bank
✅1000km of roads constructed under rural access and agricultural marketing project
(RAAMP), a World Bank initiative whereby Oyo state already paid required grants.

Dualization of Airport Road, Ibadan (3.70Km), Reconstruction of Odo Ona Kekere–Arapaja Road, Ibadan (4.64km), Reconstruction of Akala Way – Wofun Road, Ibadan (4.80Km), Reconstruction of Ildiko Ile–Ijio–Wasinmi Road (37.726Km).

Rehabilitation of Akobo – Olorunda Abaa–Oritamerin Road, Ibadan (13.55Km), Rehabilitation of Oko Arolu Road, Ogbomoso (20.52Km), Rehabilitation of FBC Agbeja–Apata–Ajawa Road Spur to Oke Ayo Road, Ogbomoso (0.9Km), Rehabilitation of Ogbomoso INEC–Atunleka–Iresaadu Road (17.13Km), Takie-FGGC Ogbomoso (2.50Km) and Reconstruction of Isaba-Ogundoyin Road (2.50Km)

Publication of the 7.3km Agodi Gate-Old Ife road-Adegbayi Junction with a spur to Alakia-Ibadan Airport (3.3km), Ibada

Flag-off FLYOVER from Idi Ape to ODOGBO barracks

The safety of the lives and properties of the people of Oyo State is a top priority for the Oyo State Government as it recognises that no meaningful development can take place in a state of insecurity. Within his first 100 days in office, the government strengthened the security architecture of the state with the resuscitation/revamping of the Police Swift Response Squad (SRS) and re-jigging Operation Burst.

The launch of the Amotekun Corps in January 2020 and the subsequent signing of the Oyo State Security Network Agency (‘AMOTEKUN’) Bill 2019 in March 2020 is testament to the fact that Security is indeed one of the four pillars of Governor Seyi Makinde’s administration.
The interventions in the security sector include the following:

Procured and distributed 100 Rio Kia motor vehicles fully equipped with modern security communication gadgets. There is enhanced visibility of security agencies by strategic positioning of response vehicles around the state.

Procured and installed modern communication gadgets (walkie-talkies with corresponding servers and monitors), with capacity for state-wide coverage and live video streaming of scene of the crime as well as geo-location of operatives for oversight purposes. First of its kind in the state for security operatives.

Operationalised the Citizens’ Emergency toll-free line (615). Toll-free line acquired by the previous administration but not put into use, until present administration operationalised it.

The Oyo State Government installed streetlights under the ‘Light-up Oyo project’ to enhance security operations.

The Oyo State Security Network, code-named ‘AMOTEKUN’ was successfully launched on January 09, 2020. With the recent nomination/appointment of Chairman, Board of ‘AMOTEKUN’ Agency and Commander of ‘AMOTEKUN’ Corps on May 20, 2020.
There have been recruitment processes for 1,500 Amotekun Corps, provision of over 125 cars for police.

Procured 49 JAC Pickup Vans for the new Police Mobile Force (PMF) Squadron (No. 72 PMF), which commenced operation at Ago-Are in Atisbo South West LCDA in Oke-Ogun axis of the state and Amotekun Corps.

Refurbished 8 Toyota Hilux Pickup Vans and 1 Utility Lorry for the security outfits.

Enacted the Oyo State Financial Crimes Commission Bill 2019 which was signed into law by Governor Seyi Makinde on December 11, 2019.

Enacted the Oyo State Security Network Agency (‘AMOTEKUN’) Bill 2019 which was signed into law by Governor Seyi Makinde on March 10, 2020. The Amotekun Corps will complement the efforts of federal security agencies.

Enacted the Open Rearing and Grazing Regulation Bill, 2019 which was signed into law by Governor Seyi Makinde on March 10, 2020.

✅Additional vehicles to the Amotekun corps in Ibarapa zone.
✅Immediate redeployment of 200 corps member of the Oyo State Western Nigeria Security Network ( OYWNSN) codenamed Amotekun to kidnapping/banditry and miscreants hotspots in the state, especially in the Ibarapa and Oke-Ogun zones.

✅Donation of Additional 33 High-Capacity Operational Vehicles, 396 Motorcycles To Amotekun Corps.

On a final note, these are just some of the physical infrastructural projects already undertaken by the Seyi Makinde administration in less than two years despite limited resources yet some people have chosen to be deliberately blind to this.

A lot of people who see nothing good in what the Oyo state government is doing because of their hatred for Seyi Makinde even though they’re beneficial of his amazing approaches to governance need to stop in their efforts in futility because there’s a lot to see for the blind and a lot to hear for the deaf.

Oyo state people know where we started, we know where we’re and definitely would like to follow Seyi Makinde to where he’s taking us.

Accelerated development.


Together we can work/walk together and Make a Difference (M.A.D) in our dear State and Country Nigeria.


✍🏽 Signed:




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