EXCLUSIVE: Why You Should Always Take Water Before Sex (Adult Only)

Taking lots of water before lovemaking is very good for you as it has some beautiful benefits which you would love.

Taking adequate water before sex help to avoid dehydration.

If you are married and know that you would love to enjoy lovemaking with your spouse then, water should be your friend.

Here are reasons you should always drink lots of water before lovemaking;

1. It helps to reduce body odour. It is normal to sweat during lovemaking. However, when you take lots of water, it would surely come out as sweat thereby, making your sweat odourless. When you are dehydrated during lovemaking, your sweat might have an offensive odor that your partner will not want to perceive but you can end this by ensuring you take some water before you start making love with your partner.

2. It strengthens you. Lovemaking consumes energy and if you want to feel strong during lovemaking, we would advise you to drink lots of water. If you don’t want to disappoint your partner by getting worn out easily, you can just take lots of water before swinging into action with your partner. Making love when you are dehydrated is not the best option and this is why you need to make sure that you are hydrated before the time comes.

3. You will be able to urinate right after making love. Urinating after lovemaking is very good and from our finding, we discovered that it helps to flush out infections. When you take lots of water before lovemaking, you would feel pressed right after making love and with this, you’ll surely urinate. If you noticed that you always force yourself to urinate after lovemaking then it shows that you have to start consuming water before you go in with your partner.

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