EXCLUSIVE: Why Women Don’t Like Condoms (18+)



Condoms are always considered the best protective way to have sex, especially among partners who are not legally married.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the reasons women don’t like condoms. Some of the reasons are:

1. Condom makes intercourse less intimate

Though it is hell mandatory in terms of precautionary measures, but women lack to feel the intimacy with their partner with condom as a hindrance to the mere touch of their man. Also, many women believe that condom doesn’t let the real thing happen on you and it’s a superficial feeling with condom.

2. Condoms make women’s vagina even dry

Though condoms are also used as an alternative to lubrication in women’s vagina, but sometimes they make the vagina dry and become prone to crack or tear thus taking the motive abortive.

3. Condoms have unpleasing pungent smell

Women just hate the smell condoms ejaculate after sex. Most time, they perceive smell of a medicine that seem unpleasant to their senses.

4. Ultra thin condom are of no use

Ultra thins condom do not make a difference as they provide similar hindrance and irking feeling to women during the intercourse part.

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