When you start dating her, there many fun things sweeter than sex.

If you are a resourceful guy upstairs, there are ways to add value to your girlfriend. Stop saying I no get money.

Teach her how to drive, how to write job application, how to build her business on IG, setup her LinkedIn profile and scale it to level three.

Within the first three months, use it and scale her business on Instagram, Facebook and her LinkedIn profile too.

Study her dreams and synchronize it with yours. Then map out the course for it brick by brick.

Post a big white cardboard paper on the wall of your room. Let your girlfriend sit in the bed.

Use marker and draw an illustrative diagram of her 5year plan, draw yours. And show her how you want your goals to move in stages.

At every stage define and label the actions and commensurate strategy to be deployed.

Link your goals to hers and spot the links and synergy. Extrapolate the connection and strength and expound on how to leverage on it.

Ask her to mention her weakness. Jot them down on the board or cardboard paper on the wall.

Once she is done, show her how to overcome those weaknesses productively. List yours too and talk about how to help each other overcome it.

By the time you do these and occupy yourselves with these, 3months una never fuck. The day una go make love, it will be heaven on earth.

You fuck a woman’s mind first before you get to her body.

Penitrate her mind and subconscious and let her chemistry flow incessantly. Bring value to the table not just dick.

That is how to build friendship before sex and not just friendship but a healthy one that prepares you for marriage.

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