Exclusive: Be Mindful Of You Who Makes Your Partner

Not everyone has come to make you, some have come to use you.
Have you ever tried controlling your feelings to face reality…like taking stock by asking yourself
“What value or positive impact have this relationship brought to my life?”
Any partner without an excellent spirit, Sound mind, vision and self control can’t make a soulmate.

Put On Your Thinking Cup Now:

Is there hope or future with someone who sings about marriage but never bordered to see your parents?

Any relationship without good intention ends in bed.

No man will propose when he has already gotten the benefits of marriage before bride price.

The greatest treasure a woman can give you is peace of mind. If you can’t find it in her, you can’t discover it after wedding.

A potential husband is not one who dates you for years; but one who is conscious of time and value. Every man is afraid to lose the woman of his dreams. If he’s not afraid to lose you, you are not in his dream.

~ If you’re not valued, you are not needed.
“He claims to love me but he doesn’t give me money”

~ When did money become a determinant for love?

√ Look for a man with an excellent spirit..
√ Sound mind and hard working
√ Self control and committable.
~ Money isn’t the root of happiness in marriage
√ Anytime a man is giving you attitude, there is a reason for the sudden change.

No one will hurt you without your consent, just that we allow our feelings to take over our sense of reasoning.

* How come you know my family members, but I don’t know yours?
* How come you get upset I each time I mention marriage?
* How come you you read my messages but no response?
* How come you don’t call as you use to?
* How come you’re now too busy for us?
~Don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to be clarified.
Don’t be afraid to lose a time waster, it’s called wisdom.
~ If she failed to appreciate your little effort, she won’t value your sacrifice.

*Don’t date a selfish woman.

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