EXCLUSIVE: 5 Sex Positions That Can Help You Build Intimacy Between You And Your Partner


Sex is not only about pleasure, it is a moment the mouth is shut from speaking while the partners’ bodies and souls communicate in the love language only understood by their hearts.

These five sex positions will help build up the intimacy between you and your partner.

One of the major ways of building intimacy between you and your partner during sexual intercourse is by building fantasies and maintaining eye contact and skin to skin contact.

Try out these positions to lighten up your relationship.

1) The Lazy Man Style: This style involves the man sitting on the bed with his legs stretched and his back resting on the wall. The lady sits on the man’s lap with the man’s penis directly into her vagina. This position aids eye contact and allows other parts of the body to communicate with one another.

2) The Seashell Style: The lady lies on her back with her legs raised to her shoulder while the man inserts his body by resting on his two hands. The lady’s hands are free to work her clitoris and romance her man.

3) The Golden Arch: Have you tried this with your partner? You and your partner sit opposite each other, the lady places her legs, one below and the other on one of his legs to create an opening for him to insert himself. At this position the lovers tend to communicate sensation to one another as they look into one another’s face and react to the sensation.

4) The Scoop Me Up Position: The partners rest on their side with the man coming penetrating her from behind (Be careful of getting into the anus). This position aids body to body contact which could build up intimacy.

5) G-Whiz Position: One of the best positions to reach the G-spot. Unlike the Seashell Style described above, the lady lies on her back with her legs on the man’s shoulders. This position narrows the lady’s vagina, hence, helps target the G-spot.

If you are new to some of these positions, you may include any or all of these positions in your sex life, it is a creative way to enliven your sex life and build more intimacy.

Culled from Women’s Health

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