#EndSARSMemorial: NANS President Mourns Falling Heroes, Calls For Constructive Engagement

NANS National President At KWASU Protest


As leading voice of young citizens (Students) in this great Nation, the apex student body in the country NANS joins other concern Civil Society, Activists and Liberty Groups to commiserate one year of the most laudable action of Youth of Federal Republic of Nigeria against unprofessional conduct of Some men in uniform of Nigeria Police Force. In as much we expressed our total displeasure over the hijack of the otherwise peaceful possession on later days of the struggle , it is worthy of note that it remained the loudest action young Nigerians ever taken against constituted authority in demand for what is common to the safety of lives of all young Nigerians.

#EndSARS Protest will remain in the history of our dear Nation as special event with multiple meaning to numerous people both in and outside the power. It was an event that symbolized the power of unity, oneness and collectivism of youth in this great country towards a particular course/goal to End Brutality of Youth By SARS operatives of Nigeria Police Force even though it later wore the color of regional struggle as against the national it deserved.

The NANS condole the families and individuals who could count loses including lives and properties due to the event while we call for justice for all victims irrespective of class.

It’s essential we commend state governments who have made tremendous progress to address issue raised by the action, such as the setting up of Judiciary Panel of Inquiries over Police Brutality and other related matters. It’s very important that the implementation of the Panel reports be done in earnest for justice to be serve to all concerned, because justice delayed is justice denied.

NANS is highly disturbed that some States are yet to set up such Panel of Inquiry on Police Brutality and other related matters, as directed by Federal Government 365days after, we frown at such undemocratic act while calling on the affected states to as matter of urgency yield to this call by constituting the Panel immediately.

NANS commend the Lagos state Government, Ekiti State Government and other State Government for their lead role in the Panel activities and follow up on implementation of all recommendations.

It’s important to remind the Nigeria police force who have announced several measures including Ban on Special Anti Robbery Squad in response to the protesters demand just to end the brutality and harassment of innocent citizens that her effort seem not yielding much result as expected because Nigerians both young and old still have reservation for the conduct of officers of Nigeria police force across the federation, hence much is needed to be done to enhance ethical conduct and professional dealings of police in Nigeria to avert resurgence of such provocative and costly mass action.

It’s so pertinent for the Police authority to end the use of live ammunition for dispersal of civil protesters under any guise. Freedom of expression is fundamental right of all citizens so far it is peaceful and orderly. Youth and students should not be criminalised or killed for exercising such therefore the avoidable waste of innocent lives if police refrain from use if live bullet that always become stray bullets when citizen are shot dead at every protest scene.

NANS enjoins teeming Nigerian youth and students across the country to understand the necessity of constructive engagement as against any violence act such as destructive protest of any form as it cost more and have zero impact compared to constructive engagement which cost no life but also attract much gains at most comfortable and honorable manner. Therefore , it remains pertinent that we shun any bad influence from all angle to set us against the system unethical.

I call on all Nigerian students to remain calm and stay away from any form of violent protest that can lead to disunity in our country.

May the labour of our heroes past, not be in Vain.

Asefon Sunday
Revolutionary NANS president.

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