E DON HAPPEN: Gardener Impregnates 3 Sisters Who Have Strict Parents

A young man who happens to be a gardener at a popular residential house has impregnated three (3) who are thought to have strict parents.

According to multiple reports, the incident happened in Kenya.

According to reports gathered, the ladies’ parents were strict and had banned their movements outside the house.

It was gathered that the gardener who comes regularly to trim the flowers in their house was the only closest thing to a friend that they had.

Their friendship had morphed into an amorous relationship which led to the gardener having intimate meetings with the sisters without the knowledge of their strict parents.

It was learned that this went on for a while until the ladies all took in, stirring baffled reactions from their strict Christian parents.

Reports making the rounds claim that the gardener had only been intimate with the secondborn until they were caught by the firstborn who then demanded for such treatment be extended to her in order to buy her silence.

Although it is not clear how the last born found out, she too, however, became part of the tryst.

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