E Don Happen: A Man Who Looks Exactly Like President Buhari Spotted Driving Bus In Lagos

Apparently, there is a one in 135 chances that there’s a single pair of complete doppelgangers. There’s definitely a mathematical chance for two doppelgangers to exist, but it’s highly unlikely. Mostly, people do not come across doppelgangers of themselves. The human face is said to be extraordinarily unique.

A Twitter user identified as “He always” has taken to her Twitter page to share a photo of a man who looks like President Muhammad Buhari, driving a taxi in Lagos state.

Sharing on her Twitter page, she wrote:

“Buhari’s lookalike spotted driving a bus in Lagos State. One Nigeria Forbes”.

See tweet below..

Another Twitter & as “Ada King” also said:

“It is finished, Buhari is now a bus driver in Lagos State. btw, say No to one Nigeria”.

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