DR. DAWODU: The DEAN Who Cannot Interpret The Students Union Constitution But Wishes To Impose And Change The Tradition Of The College


Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Students Union (AOCOEDSU) has a long standing history of the first Lagos state owned tertiary institution students union and have thrive over the past 40years. All of the sweat of those who laboured to give the students a voice is now under the threat of a misled Doctorate degree holder, who unfortunate occupy the office of the Dean, Students Affairs division of the college and has been using the office to terrorise the entire students union of the college.

There are records of the several attempts of Dr. Dawodu Rasheed to sale the soul and heart of AOCOEDSU to lucifer and all of these becomes more evident in his ploy to deprived the largest gender of the college the privilege to successfully lead the students union electoral commission, after being appointed by the Rt. Honourable Speaker of the Union.

Rt. Hon. Alfa Emmanuel, the Speaker of the union, on the 12th day of August, 2021 alongside the honourable representing all the departments in the college had a parliamentary seating to appoint the members of the electoral commission. History was recorded that day as the first ever female electoral commission chairperson was appointed. Comrade Alimi Ramota (Solution) who was singled out for the role due to her history of fighting and standing with the union at all time despite not occupying an office in the union was celebrated by students, leaders, stakeholders and even lecturers as ideal for the office.

Alas, the Dean had seen darkness where everyone saw light and he would come out to shot himself on the leg by declaring the gallant female comrade as not qualified to hold the office, claiming he is reacting to a petition written to his office against the chairperson on the premise of her CGPA.

Nevertheless, it was the same Dean who had stopped all petition written against the previous electoral chairman on the same premise of not meeting with the required CGPA and social misconduct, he has then claimed it is traditional and politics should not be measured with academic excellence.

Knowing that the college is on the verge of becoming a University, the plot of the Dean as been revealed and his aim has always been to hijack the union for his own good.

This same Dr. Dawodu had stopped the previous electoral commission from using the same CGPA for the Honourables of the parliament.

The action of the Dean towards depriving the first female electoral commission chairperson of her hard earn appointment once again justify his devilish plan in making the students voiceless, after assisting the management in over extortion of the students and had reprimand any union member who goes against.

His gender bias approach to leadership is now obvious has several evidences are available for the pressmen, include verbal and nonverbal.

An unidentified member of the electoral commission was quoted saying, “AOCOEDSU can never be silenced by Dr. Dawodu. We will fight and make sure this lady’s appointment stands or else he should also vacate his office for allowing Comr. Tiro to conduct the 2020/21 AOCOEDSU election with a low CGPA which is against the union constitution. If it is traditional back then, let it be traditional now again. You can effect your change next academic session Sir”.

Greatest AOCOEDIANS!!!

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