DOWEN COLLEGE: Another Parent Whose Son was Bullied Flares Up As Ex-Counsellor Admits (VIDEO)

Parents of students in Dowen College Lagos and a former counsellor in the school recently had a zoom meeting in the wake of the death of one of the students of the school, Sylvester Oromoni. The meeting was facilitated by the Concerned Parents and Educators network.

Sylvester, 12, died on Tuesday, November 30, after he was allegedly bullied by his seniors in the school dormitory.

A former counselor who joined the zoom meeting said the students are always left unattended to in the dormitory.

”I worked at Dowen college for several years. One of the problems we have with most of the boarding houses today is that the structures are not purpose built for boarding houses. I might be referring to Dowen college.

In a situation where you have several floors and no floor has a house parent monitoring the students. By the time you hear a sound and you go upstairs, the seniors have changed the story. That’s exactly what happened at Dowen college.

From the first day they moved most the students from a hired building into a permanent hostel, it was a time bomb waiting.

Eventually I resigned because of that situation. The children are not well monitored”

An aggrieved mother then interjected, asking why the former staff is just saying this now after a child has died. She mentioned that her son who attended the school at some point, was also subjected to the same ”inhumane treatment” Sylvester mentioned he was subjected to by his seniors before he died.

”I am sorry to say. Why are you saying it now that Sylvester has died? Why did you not say it since. Why are you saying it now? My child was bullied and almost died in Dowen college. Why did you not speak out then? A child has died now. You saw these things for nine years and then you left the school.

My son is a victim. They did exactly what they did to that boy. They put off the light. They beat him. They carried a box on his head.’ she said amidst tears.

Watch video below;

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  1. This is so painful! I hope to get over Sylvester’s death soon…to think that it took the death of an 11 year old boy for others to speak up.

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