Don’t Use Easter To Eat Alone But Also Pray To God To Touch The Hearts Of Pharaohs Frustrating Our Resumption

“Trust in power of prayer. For anything we ask in prayers, He (God) would do.”

Easter period is a significant and clear explanation of God’s love for mankind. What else is greater or better than laying down your life so as to deliver others from their personal iniquities? That’s one of the beauty of Easter.

Another lesson of Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death on the third day as recorded in the bible. This is a clear term that Easter is a period to revitalize, resurrect and renewal of hope if there’s at all a lost hope.

Dear Oyo Students, don’t you think Easter should teaches us beyond gluttonous wallowing in delicacy and kickshaw.

Five state owned tertiary institutions has been at home for more than one month, many of these schools have just two or three weeks to round off 2019/2020 session, though we are in 2021 already. Dear students, don’t you think we should use this Easter to cry to God in a loud voice and say “God touch the hearts of Pharaohs, We Want To Resume Back To School”.

Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic Eruwa, Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igboora and The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic Saki Higher National Diploma classes of 20 are already due for NYSC mobilization, we want to go and serve our Father land, but Pharaohs behind our strike won’t let us go. Dear Students, don’t you think this Easter is our best chance to cry to God that “God, Soften The Hearts Of Pharaohs, We Want To Go And Serve Our Father Land”

That Joint Action Committee (JAC) and anyone delaying our resumption couldn’t exercise sacrificial teaching of Easter, we as a students should be able to pray to God for the resurrecting advantage of Easter, that God should bring to life every dead, dying and revived Oyo state educational sector, and Nigeria at large.

Hence, we plea with every concern quarters to kindly put all hands on desk, and activate our resumption, hence, very soon we would change our prayers to “God, the Pharaohs wasting our future today we don’t want to see them no more”

Beyond wining and dinning in this period, let’s pray to God that “Pharaohs should let’s go back to our campuses”

Euripides said and I quote “This is courage in a man: to bear unflinchingly what heaven sends”

Happy Easter, wishing you blessedness in all ramifications.

Yours in struggle,
Comr. Ojetola Babatunde “Toyyem”
NANS General Secretary,
Oyo State Chapter.


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