DNA: All Our Four(4) Children Belongs To My Ex-BF

I need your advice.

I am 42 years of age, married with 4 children.
I was 32 when I got married. The age difference between I and my husband is 10 years.
I was dating this guy, very tall and handsome, before I met my husband.

After getting married, one and a half year, I met him again, we became friends, one thing lead to another, I keep visiting him, even though I told him am married now, he was ok to be friends with me again.

One day I call him to visit. When I went to his place, i could not stand him anymore, the time i realized we had sex.

It was so nice, which I ask again.
I return home and I decided not to go to him again, but something keep pushing me all the time to see him.
I visited him about 7 times in that month.

Unfortunately the following month i realized am pregnant for him.
I did not inform him about it, I keep visiting him till it get to 4 months and I made him aware.

But I inform my husband in the first month.
Since it was his first child, he made me look like a queen. He has money and everything you can think of, he provides everything I need as a wife.

To make things very short. I have 4 children.
And am not happy because all the 4 children don’t belongs to my husband but my ex boyfriend.

Even though my husband is really the best father any woman could dream of.
He knows nothing about it at all.

But my ex boyfriend knows about the children.
He was ok, and had no problem at all, he don’t even ask about them, so i always thought he has no problem with me about the children.

But recently my ex boyfriend has turned against me, demanding the custody of children.

He is demanding for the children now.
He has been giving me problems this recent times. At first I thought he is joking, but he has find out where I live, and threatening to go to my husband to demand the children if I don’t do it myself.

I have beg him and ask him anything he want me to do, but he said all he need is his children.
I have even offered him an amount of money, but he said no.

The problem is, if my husband get to find out, my life has come to an end.
I have nothing when he married me, but I don’t know what made me do this.

I know he will not wait for a second to ask for a DNA test on all of the children, which I know very well that none of them will be his.

He will take everything he has use the children’s name off.
I feel like a devil now, and sometimes thinking of killing myself before the shameful program.

My problem is what will people say about me, my family, friends, my church.

My ex boyfriend too don’t have money to take good care of the children even if he eventually takes them.

Please should I tell my husband before he find out. Or what’s the best agreement would my ex boyfriend can agree to.

The current DNA palava has fuel this.

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