Discard Imperialism – By Aliyu Ahmad


We must allow our mind to be liberal and think critically as an independent nation with a sovereign entity. It is at the sole choice of every society or nation to predict it’s destination after being free from bondage of dependency. That is a decision you will have to make for yourself, to stand up and walk or continue crawling.

I read an article yesterday by one anonymous writer, I called him anonymous because I can’t actually recall his name, he examined and analysed the political situation according to his opinion which I must respect, the article directly favoured PYO, but that is not my problem, where he got my emotion attacked was when I came to a point where he said that “PYO will defeat Atiku because Atiku today cannot officially visit America, even the last time he visited in 2019 was because he sneaked in as part of the entourage of Bukola Saraki because of corrupt practises”, even though it is unjustifiable.

Imperialism to the highest order, we are not slaves but we’re enslaved, I wonder how our mind are still colonised to think that someone will not win an election because he cannot visit America, for that matter, Jonathan and Buhari that were able to visit the so called America officially what value does it add to our individual lives or as a nation? What is America? Does their relationship with our past and incumbent president bring an end to our socioeconomic and political problems? In fact they are responsible for putting many countries in to a grave.

You will only be their intimate if you agree for them to hold you tight in to their armpit and use your loyalty in a tactical process to shambolically disrupt the political, economic and sociocultural order of a country, exploitation is what they are known for, and it will never change, we don’t need America to grow we need our own thinking, experience, culture, and innovations to be what we want to be.

We don’t need a president who will make our pride and future negotiable to a foreign investors. We need a president who know Nigeria and Nigerians not America, America can only worsen or deteriorate our situation. Lack of historical facts and evidences has made so many people to dig their grave barely with their hands.

Because they are the super power doesn’t mean they have the moral authority to control or predict our destiny.


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