Dicon Akintayo Tobi Celebrates Fabulous @50

I am still bickering thoughts on what to write about you, like a tailor who has forgotten the length of his military customer. Painstakingly, He will be depressed and bewildered within. Cos, he knows plainly that, if the size of the cloth sewed is not befitting the required style of the Man, the consequence will be handsomely earned.

I am still not certain of what to assert or what to write about you, Cos, I am not a language preceptor saying of comprehending the procedure of rhetorics in the linguistic realm. I am just a journo in the field of writing and communication that’s why I am scared and lost in the thoughts of where to start.

However, if lies keep shining like man, the facts will remain active. With no doubt, Sir. You are the only stronghold that sheltered me when I am whacked by the tempest of no tomorrow. You are the great shoulder where my cold-shouldered heart got solace. Sir, I am indebted and most gracious for your affection, caress, charity and selfless attitude.

I join the host of thousand lovers to facilitate you today as you are 50 years older. May your posterity achieve more than all you have achieved in life with no burdens, and with no inconveniences. Live long in ataraxic and blissful gleefulness.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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