The attention of our correspondent has been drawn to a press statement by the Revolutionary President of National Association of Nigerian Students in which the Incumbent President has called the former and the first impeached National President Comr. Akpan Danielson Bamidele a criminal and element of disgrace to the association.

In his statement, he said Mr. Bamidele has been impersonating the office of National President after he has been impeached for embezzlement and soiling the image of the association. He now vow to treat the impersonator in a legal way if he fails to desist from such act.

His statement reads:

“My attention has been drawn to the continuous impersonation of the office of the President of NANS by the impeached former president, Mr. Akpan Bamidele Danielson. This ridiculous act has continued unabated since the emergence of our administration.

“This act is not only ridiculous but also criminal. For the sanity and the image of our organization, I have directed our Lawyers at Law Corridor to initiate a criminal process against the impersonator. In our effort to reform the battered image of NANS by this disgraced element, we mustn’t allow the same elements that soiled the name of our association almost irredeemably to continue in their reign of criminality at the expense of the image of our organisation.

“Let me expressly state here that a criminal case will be pursued rigorously against the impeached former president and we will do everything legally possible to secure conviction to serve as deterrence to others.

“In the meantime, we advise Nigerians to desist from dealing with Mr. Denilson Akpan under any guise as he is not even a former President because he was impeached and disgraced out of office.

Sunday Asefon
Revolutionary President of NANS”

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