Comr. Olarewaju Olamide Felix, NANS Ekiti Chairman

“It all started just like a joke, now it is real, the heat mandated evacuation from our land as a way out”

Having been traumatized by the news of the gruesome murder of Comrade Omomeewa who was shot right at the gate of the popular Lagos State University, I was frustrated and subjected to realize by proxy, the architectural failure of security in this land. It is so sad, to say the least.

The triumphant and unhindered entry of bandits into the Nigeria Defense Academy dashed and crumbled my hope on security; bandits successfully attacked the sacred training establishment where Armed Forces are taught how to defend the armless Nigerians in a commando-style, leaving Generals, Majors, Captains scrambling for their lives, at the mercy of sophisticated gun-wielding terrorists nicknamed “bandit” for political correctness and expediency. This development calls for serious concern, caution, and national retrospect.

Just like it’s happening live in Afghanistan, evacuations are equally staring at us right in our faces on our soil. From Kaduna to Jos, Jos to Benue, Nigerians are living in palpable fear of either being killed or abducted regardless of tribal, ethnic, or religious differences.

It is not out of place to therefore mention that the multi-dimensional troubles of Nigeria require urgent attention that is beyond the usual rhetorics on the pages of national dailies. Anything outside precaution and preventive action is a disaster awaiting confirmation.

The major doctrine and ideology of quality leadership are lost, hence insecurity thrives gloriously. The lamentable state of security is saddening and nothing interesting to write home about. We can only hope that the labour of our heroes past is not dashed and in vain already.

The most disheartening experience events to talk about is our schools which despite becoming a major target for bandit (following the report of abduction cases) did not enjoy the primary responsibility of reasonable and diligent government, which is the protection of lives and properties of the citizens.

It is sardonic, displeasing, and regrettable that even in the face of serious security challenges, those that are trusted with the protection of lives and properties of citizens has over time turned themselves into the major threats to the wellbeing of students and citizens at large. They have replaced security with insanity by pursuing frivolities, searching phones, instead of vehicles and arms that posses a threat to our collective security.

I will as a matter of accountability hold the security operatives extorting students on the major road to our campuses responsible if there are any security breaches in the future. They have not only lost focus, but they have also jettisoned their core mandate and only concentrate on looking desperately for cybercriminals to extort and scam them of their ill-gotten money. In their desperation to share the proceed of cybercrime, they profile every young person dressing well, looking fresh and driving good cars, at the sight of a young car driver or owner, these criminals in uniform go rogue, threatening to shoot and commit any crime without being questioned.

As I conclude, I wish to expressly state that insecurity thrives due to two major reasons:

1. The gullible Nigerian that gives bribes to security operatives and has blinded them with gifts that have taken away their sense of reasonable and quality service. To these people, I say that you are the major part of the problem, and the blood of the innocently killed Nigerians will hunt you.

2. The addicted bribe collectors and extortionists in security outfits: because of you, Did Elisha not ask Gehazi “is this the time to take money or accept clothes………. Naman’s leprosy will cling with you and your descendants forever.
Posterity shall judge you.

On a final note, I want to call on the government, all security agencies, and every meaningful Nigerian that dissent injustice and violence to collaborate for productive results that will strengthen the security of this Nation as we hope that this time shall pass. Insecurity is a pandemic militating this Nation, if not curbed it will spread than any pandemic we have ever witnessed.

Olarewaju Olamide Felix -Skul-Fada is the Chairman, NANS JCC, Ekiti Chapter, and writes from Ado Ekiti.

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